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This page should give an over view about the currently active members of the development team:

Realname: Ingo Ruhnke
Nickname: Grumbel
Icq: 59461927
Abilities: C++, Ruby, Python, Scheme, Lisp, Graphics, Gimp, Blender
OS: Debian GNU/Linux
Work on in the past: Designed most graphics for Milestone1 and around half its levels, also created the Flexlay editor which was used for Milestone1
Currently working on: Milestone 2 Design Document, enemy design and new graphics for Milestone2, no work on code beside little bug fixing here and there

Realname: Matthias Braun
Nickname: MatzeB
Icq: ask me please
JabberID: ask me please
Abilities: C/C++, C#, Java, x86 assembler, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, bash scripting, autotools, SDL, OpenGL, ...
OS: Gentoo GNU/Linux
Work on in the past: Lots of work in the coding section. Designed and created: Collision Detection, Camera, Scripting, Miniswig, gameobject hierarchy, gtk#/c# based level editor, lisp parsing. Comments and small contributions to game design.
Currently working on: Little bug fixes here and there for milestone2. If I find time, then I might look at improving the camera, extending CD for some new features, improving general robustness and bugfixes, and implementing some of the cool features in the milestone2 design document.

Realname: Ondřej (or Ondra) Hošek
Nickname: Ravu al Hemio
Icq: 118901884
JabberID: or
Abilities: C/C++, C#, Python, PHP, SQL, bash scripting
OS: Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.4 (developing mainly on OS X and a bit on Ubuntu)
Work on in the past: Some of the documentation, small bug fixes and even smaller features
Currently working on: More small bug fixes and features, sometimes updating the documentation, guarding OS X compatibility