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Proposed feature
This design, feature or badguy is only proposed by hume to be added in SuperTux. SuperTux doesn't contain it so far. It can be whenever changed. These features can be added in the next release, or in any further release, or they can never be added in SuperTux. It's not known if they will be added or when. Don't use this information for gameplay or level design!

The crystal cave

The concept art of the crystal cave


Tux will go into the mountain to the crystal cave. Tux will go trough miscelaneous lifts and mineshafts and cave rooms still deeper and deeper to the cave. There will be dark, so magic blocks and lanterns won't be rare. Then will Tux enter a big room with Nolok's castle. Tux will only pass trough the castle, because Penny is in the Lavaland castle. After that Tux will defeat a crystal boss and then Tux will take a lift leading on the surface of Lavaland.


Some of crystal cave badguys are implemented jet, but there will be also some new badguys. These badguys aren't all, that will be in the crystal cave. There will be also some badguys from other worlds such as Mr.Bomb and haywire.


see crystallo

Cave fish

Just a normal fish, but with another sprite.


Tux will be able to ride on it, but it will hurt from sideways. It will be freezable, but not flameable.

Running candle

This badguy will hurt on touch. It will light in a color. It will stop lighting on hit by an iceball and it will light again on hit by a fireball. It will fall down, when it reaches an edge of the platform.

Falling crystal

It will just fall down until a it will reach solid ground and hurt on touch.


Crystal cave won't use many new badguys only for it, but it will use some new objects only for crystal cave.

Weak stone

Only explosions will be able to break these solid blocks.


Tux will be able to grab this object. It will start ticking and then explodes, when dropped.