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How to Translate

  • Check at the end of this site if someone else is already working on the translation for your language. If there is someone contact him!
  • Install gettext
  • get a cvs snapshot of supertux and do the usual, configure.

Make sure configure can find the xgettext application. (ie. "checking for xgettext... xgettext" and "checking if xgettext supports Lisp... yes")

  • Run 'jam' and let it compile supertux and create all the messages.po files
  • Go into data/locale and data/levels/*/ and in each dir do:
    • In case you want to create a new translation do
msginit -i messages.pot -o $LANG.po
(where $LANG is the 2character handle of your language)
    • In case you want to update an existing translation do
msgmerge -U $LANG.po messages.pot
  • Edit the .po files with your favourite Editor or with 1 of the GUI tools below.
  • Send the translated .po files to the supertux-devel mailing list.
  • You should also edit the supertux.desktop file and add a comment entry for your language

Notes for Translators

  • If there isn't a good translation for some term (ie. fullscreen), you might consider to just keep it. It's better than making the user confused.
  • In English, there is only one singular second person mode (You). If your language does have more than one - a personal and impersonal - remember that this is a game, so you should use the personal one. And if it is possible to ommit it in your language, it might be a good idea.
  • Names like SuperTux, Tux, Penny or Nolok should not be translated. If you really think one of these to be a too strange word for your people, first inform us at our mailing list. Minor characters like Mr. Ice Block can (and should) be translated.
  • If somewhere in the game, after translating a string, it doesn't look well (bad aligment, overlaps other text...), let us know - we will fix it.


There's a number of tools you can use to edit the .po files:

  • __KBabel__ - matured KDE translation program
  • poEdit - multi-platform po editor (runs on windows and unix/linux)
  • QTranslator - Comes with Qt, also multi-platform
  • (X)Emacs - commonly used for translation with the respective plugin
  • Any text editor - Of course you can also simply use a text editor. Just make sure the file encoding really matches the stuff stated in the .po header


Catalan (ca)

  • Translated by Antoni Villalonga <>
  • Status: ? included in svn

Czech (cs)

  • Translated by Ondra Hosek <>
  • Status: ? included in svn

German (de)

  • Translated by Matthias Braun <>
  • Additional translation by Marek Möckel
  • Status: 99% complete included in svn

Spanish (es)

  • Translated by Javier Beaumont <>
  • Status: ? included in svn

French (fr)

  • Translated by Frederic Rodrigo <>
  • Status: ? included in svn

Italian (it)

  • Translated by Iknos <>
  • Status: ? included in svn

Dutch (nl)

  • Translated by Frank van der Loo <>
  • Status: ? included in svn

Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)

  • Translated by Karl Ove Hufthammer <>
  • Status: ? included in svn

(European) Portuguese (pt)

  • Translated by Ricardo Cruz <>
  • Status: ? included in svn