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Tropical Island

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The following article or section constitutes a proposed idea or a list of proposed ideas.

It is to be seen as more of a community discussion than encyclopedic content. The content may or may not be implemented. Feel free to add your own ideas or comment on existing ones.

Tropical Island is a proposed world/island that could be the third world of SuperTux. It might have enemies such as Mr. Palm Tree, Nutty, and others. It has also been suggested that in this world players will mostly play as Penny.

Perhaps: after reaching Nolok's castle in the Ghost Forest, Tux has a boss battle (typical) and Nolok gets away again with Penny and escapes to the Tropical Island. Tux naturally runs after him. Nolok keeps Penny in a cage, but a wild animal (or something) frees her, and she tries to navigate around the island while Tux desperately searches for her.

On the island, Penny might start out on the beach. She would move further into the island, looking for Tux, knowing that he would be looking for Nolok, and Nolok's previous two castles were in the center of the islands they were on. There might be a volcano in the center, with no visable castle. There might be denser vegitation up the volcano. When Penny is near the top, there could be an earthquake, and she falls into the volcano. She might land on a rock ledge inside the volcano with a large drop with lava at the bottom. Tux is also on the ledge. There is another earthquake, but they stay on the ledge. Several pieces of debris fall by, falling down toward the lava. The camera zooms way down, to show that the lava is rising.

Tropical Island Concept Scene


Comment: I was actually imagining an island with slightly denser vegetation, perhaps a little bit like the beginning of "Short Visit to El Castillo." Perhaps near the center of the island there might be more forest-like plant density. TUX/√UT (plz talk 2 me internets | view horrendous deeds) 21:38, 21 June 2010 (UTC)

Possible Badguys

  • Mr. Palm Tree - Very tall badguy consisting of stacked segments; jumping on top removes the bottom segment. When there's only one segment left, Mr. Palm Tree dies.
  • Nutty - A harmless, indestructible badguy; a bit like a walking moving platform. Alternative: an equivalent of Mr. Ice Block.
  • Volcano - Stationary boss badguy, spews ashes that can hurt Tux.
  • Wild Boar - Basic walking badguy, starts running faster upon seeing Tux. Tux can stun him by kicking him from behind, and can kill him by stomping on him.
  • Hungry Parakeet - Zeekling equivalent.
  • Melon - Snowball equivalent.


None at this time.