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Tropical Island

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The following article or section constitutes a proposed idea or a list of proposed ideas.

It is to be seen as more of a community discussion than encyclopedic content. The content may or may not be implemented. Feel free to add your own ideas or comment on existing ones.

Tropical Island is a proposed world/island that could be the third world of SuperTux. The suggested plotline for this world is as follows:

After defeating the forest Boss, Tux go down to the jails of the forest castle to release Penny. The only person he found there is Fun Pif the Puffin, the young prince of Illusion Island. Pif Told tux that Penny was there, but few day earlier, Nolok went to take some prisoners out, including Penny and the Fun family. Then Together, they decide to go and release the prisoners…

The First stage of this Journey is the tropical Island, altogether they are … Oh Nolok knocked on my door, I'll finish that latter on ;)

New Features

  • Fun Pif the Puffin
  • Moving coins
  • Wood Box/coin exchanger

Deeper Into the Island Background Idea

Tropicalislandbackgroundidea2.png You used tux paint, didn't you? Very nice! Monstertux

Possible Badguys

  • Mr. Palm Tree - Very tall badguy consisting of stacked segments; jumping on top removes the bottom segment. When there's only one segment left, Mr. Palm Tree dies.
  • Nutty - A harmless, indestructible badguy; a bit like a walking moving platform. Alternative: an equivalent of Mr. Ice Block.
  • Volcano - Stationary boss badguy, spews ashes that can hurt Tux.
  • Wild Boar - Basic walking badguy, starts running faster upon seeing Tux. Tux can stun him by kicking him from behind, and can kill him by stomping on him.
  • Hungry Parakeet - Zeekling equivalent.
  • Melon - Snowball equivalent.
  • Mosquito - Flying snowball equivalent.
  • Spider - A tarantulas going up and down
  • Toad - A Frog seeking Tux
  • Tikitchokwe - A badguy wearing a mask that send fireball on Tux

Level concepts

  • Welcome to the Tropical Island -- Introduces the player to the new badguys and objects.
  • (intermediate levels)
  • Penny is freed -- Cutscene of Penny being freed, player regains control of Penny and escapes.
  • Up the mountain -- Tux starts to climb the steep rocks on Upatna Mountain.
  • The upward trail -- Penny's turn to start climbing.
  • (intermediate levels)
  • Into the volcano -- Penny reaches the top of Upatna Mountain, but an earthquake makes her fall into the volcano!
  • Rescue! -- Tux climbs into the volcano and rescues Penny.
  • Escaping the Island -- Tux and Penny escape the Tropical Island and sail home.
  • Yo Ho Ho -- Tux and Penny are captured by Captain Snowball and his scurvy scallywags!
  • etc.