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Hello all I am CT. da'Bomb. A Supertux fan who makes levels and graphics.

plan for a weeklong drive to release 4.0/M2 Plan.png

---Ideas for Supertux---

Owls carry more than one Sky-Dive.

Spawn points should have scripting ability.

Supertux Forum we now have a supertux forum. hosted by freegamer forums(but thats beside the point) it is like a more permanent place for the community than the irc of mailing list, and cooler(because I am the moderator). Check it out and have fun.

Level Contest!

Rules and stuff:

              A SNOW (anything but forest) themed level contest.(at least a good chunk of the level should be snow)
              submit your new levels to the bug tracker until the 28th of December,
              place a link on this page
              Voting on levels will end on the January 1st
              winners will be announced January 2nd
              have fun
              top few levels will/can be made into an add-on
              if admins are okay with it top levels will get added to incubator island(if winners are okay with it)
              one entry per person
              please make a new level. (not from and existing worldmap/levelset)
              to vote just write the name of the level and author of the person you would like to win.
              unless you absolutely think your level is better than everyone else's, please don't vote for your self.

Thanks, and have fun! CT. da'Bomb