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Hello Everybody

I am trying to make a bonus Island 3 / 4 (or something like that) that will be(90% chance)added to the game or addons, but to do that I need levels (I will be making my own, but I need more). If you would like to contribute a level(s) to this please do. you can submit it here. It should follow most of the guidelines (LINK) and preferably be in the style of most of the levels in the game. this is going to be a snow themed island (meaning that (most of the time) your main tileset will be the "snow" one). the license for these levels will need to be GPL 2+ / CC-by-sa 3.0. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated (though not necessarily used(quality reasons)).

thanks, ctdabomb

P.S. I might/will soon try to make a forest themed bonus island.

Supertux Forum we now have a supertux forum. hosted by freegamer forums(but thats beside the point) it is like a more permanent place for the community than the irc of mailing list, and cooler(because I am the moderator). Check it out and have fun.