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SuperTux Live! is a Linux-based Live CD to run SuperTux Milestone 1.9. The base system is SLAX Linux, an excellent Live CD with tools to mold it to the user's whims, and thanks to a Glibc upgrade, it now works.
Release 1.0 of SuperTux Live! has been released.

What the system includes

-SuperTux Milestone 1.9
-Glibc 2.5
-KDE Desktop Environment
-Linux kernel 2.6.20
-Closed-source NVidia (and ATI?) drivers for graphics acceleration
-Binary-level optimizations for speed and size

Release schedule

Alpha 1: base system in place, may not work- April 3
Beta 1: base system in place, everything works- April 10
Beta 2: first public release, public bug testing starts- April 14
Beta 3: new base in place, should work- May 8
Release candidate: last-minute fixes- May 25
Final version: it should work. Period- May 28 'We are here

Download links

Final Release
Thanks to Joseph Brower from the Rexburg Idaho Open Source Users Group for hosting!

Development status

See the development blog for progress and announcements.

External links

SLAX Linux- the base system. [1]- development blog. Used to be on the wiki, but removed for understandable reasons.