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Tips to make levels and worldmaps better

  • Do not make levels where they come only from left to right, but think other directions, which way would be walked (from right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top, zigzag and other directions).
  • Sometimes make a detour to the bonus, which would not have to go. It should not be overstated. A player should know which way is the way to the finish.
  • Do the impossible to get to the finish before you fulfill a task such as pressing a button, to get somewhere, grab something, and others.
  • Unlocking archivements: The player must achieve special targets in different levels for reach a level.
  • Use heterogeneous environment.
  • Use scripts.
  • Add some bonus-levels to your worldmap.
  • Make multi-sector levels.

Plans for SuperTux

  • Add SuperTux a story. The story isn't clear now.
  • Stop SuperTux reccession - Release full Forest island in milestone 2.
  • External badguys deffinition files.
  • Better squirel support.
  • Release milestone 3 before year 2038.
  • And finally SuperTux 1.0.0.


  • Upgrade the climbing Tux.
  • Repair the bug of boat in the main game.
  • Make an editor.
  • Make a windows installation.
  • Make the climbing tux faster.
  • New path mode: no_order
    • Platform would go randomly between nodes on script platform::start_moving().
    • Platform would go dirrectly to the node on script platform::goto_node(int node_no).



  • This object is invisible
  • It's repeating a script in an interval.
 (name <string name>)
 (interval <int>)
 (enabled <bool enabled>)
 (script <script>)


Differences of scripttrigger and teleport-trigger teleporting
  • This object is invisible.
  • It's an area object.
  • It's warping from one teleport-trigger to another teleport-trigger to the same position in the teleport-trigger, which Tux got to.
  • Advantage: Sripttrigger can warp with the script "Level.spawn" only to one place, when Tux can enter wherever to the scripttrigger. One teleport-trigger can warp wherever to the destination teleport-trigger. It depends on Tux's position in the teleport-trigger.
  • Tux will be teleported only when Tux gets inside the teleport-trigger from another place of the sector, where isn't the teleport-trigger, but not when Tux is inside. That means, when the teleport-trigger teleports Tux to another teleport-trigger, Tux can't be teleported back, until Tux leaves the destination teleport-trigger.
 (x <int x-pos>)
 (y <int y-pos>)
 (width <int width>)
 (height <int height>)
 (name <string name>)
 (sector <destination sector>)
 (teleport-trigger <destination teleport-trigger>)


  • Something for get Tux's x and y position
  • create_object(<object type>,<object name>,{default settings}) for create an object
  • A possibility for get/set every properties of object (eg.: my_snowball.x <- 320; Text.set_text(my_dispenser.badguy[0]))

SuperTux criticisms

  1. IcyIsland - extro: What will happen with Tux, when done level "The castle of Nolok"? He roots and blossoms here?
  2. Water in 0.3.0: When you jump into the water splash sounds. Water in 0.3.3: This effect was deleted. Why??
  3. When I go to the end of the level and try to get out of level, Tux is moving a bit beyond the level.
  4. The result of burning wood is ash, but not fall below the screen.
  5. Lot of test levels are unfinishable.
  6. Level "Easter egg demo": The secret area has a parameter "message", but it does not work.
  7. The hitbox of plant is wrong.
  8. Smoke effects when Mr Bomb explode was removed. Why??
  9. I do not like using nicknames for badguys. Correct names are those which are listed below in SuperTux levels.
  10. There are unused badguys.
  11. Owl wins the competition for the snubest badguy.
  12. There are no owls in levels "owls' revenge".
  13. Owl is very demanding for operating memory. I do not understand why.
  14. Fireball is not looks like fireball.
  15. New sprite for jumpy? It's not looks bad, but it hasn't an image for action "iced".
  16. Difference of width Tux and Penny is too big.
  17. Tux and Penny speak during a picnic, but they do not open the beak.
  18. Cave levels from IcyIsland in worldmap aren't in cave.
  19. Owls can not carry badguys.
  20. The coin cost for firefly was removed. Why??
  21. The frame in menu was removed in r6694. Why??