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This is a list of potential bugs in SuperTux that I have noticed but have not taken the time to properly report. I'm publishing it here for the sake of open development.

See also the patches at .

  • 2009-12-28: Coins in 1-tile gaps are collected inconsistently in Boney.M Mega Mix. Maybe another issue with floating point error vs. x coordinate?
  • 2010-01-02: After setting magnification to 125% and entering and aborting a level, options menu incorrectly shows magnification as auto.
    • OptionsMenu constructor is not selecting existing values. (Resolution too?)
  • 2010-01-11: Key levels should do statistics just like other levels, and maybe invincibility too to be safe.
  • 2010-01-11: Integer screen coordinates
  • 2010-01-11: What is the aspect ratio control supposed to do? Values other than "auto" produce a display ridiculously stretched horizontally. I guess we want 2880:900. But why, when the window is smaller???
  • 2010-01-21: Everything in the collision detection torture test
  • 2010-01-21: Shrink tilemaps to size
  • 2010-01-22: Editor: Bad handling of dithered editor-images when zoomed out. Need to average.
  • 2010-01-22: Memory leaks...
  • 2010-01-23: Position of "Best Level Statistics" in worldmap does not update correctly on window resize.
  • 2010-01-24: Not sure I like the new behavior where ice blocks and snails die immediately when stomped with invincibility.
  • 2010-01-24: "Short Visit to El Castillo": Upper dart trap is not operating. Intentional?
  • 2010-01-24: Editor: Clicking eye field of unfocused layer in the list cycles the visibility right away for a visible tilemap, not otherwise. Inconsistent.
  • 2010-01-27: Badguys getting stuck on slopes against walls in the second sector of "A Village in the Forest".
  • 2010-01-28: Big/small Tux seems to affect position of worldmap character but not size. That's weird.
  • 2010-01-28: jump_early_apex happening during buttjumps.
  • 2010-01-28: In "Find the Bigger Fish", under the pipe in the lower sector, why does the wind appear to make my low jumps /lower/?
  • 2010-01-31: Editor: Typing ".3" in path node time, 0 is inserted automatically. Distracting and mispositions cursor. Validate on blur?
  • 2010-01-31: Editor: Crash when right-clicking a tilemap in the list after resizing it. Partially known issue?
  • 2010-01-31: Cannot have objects controlled by fix_old_tiles on a moving tilemap.
  • 2010-02-09: In the beginning of one of the "moo" levels, a snowball's sprite is not set correctly when it is dying.
  • 2010-02-09: In some forest levels, a zeekling killed exactly at ground level will sit in place for a few seconds with the original sprite. Seen twice, may be hard to reproduce.
  • 2010-02-09: "Village in the Forest": When pulling the switch, the sleeping spiky disappears as the camera pans. Maybe a deactivation issue.
  • 2010-02-09: "Kneep-deep in the Depth" should not have an end sequence trigger, for consistency with the other key levels.
  • 2010-02-09: "Treasure in the skies": Climbable area extends into thin air.