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Hi, my name is Florian Forster and I usually go by the nick of “octo”. I'm committing to the SVN repository as “florianf”.

You can contact me on freenode, via email at <supertux at> and via Jabber/XMPP at <octo at>. My GnuPG key is 0x0C705A15, but my mails to the SuperTux mailing list are not signed (the content type isn't allowed). My homepage is at



I have made a couple of levels of my own. They are described on my homepage at:

To get the newest version of the levels, check out my Git repository at


There's also a Gitweb interface to the repository.

Please note that these levels are made with the latest SVN version at that time. If you find anything broken in a version newer than the levels, please let me know.

Release checklist