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I'm a Supertux fan. Why would anyone who wasn't have a Tux Wiki account? Unless they're putting TRASH on here for fun. ... what I'd like to know is why you've come to my user page. Maybe you did it by mistake or something like that. Whatever the reason, I'd like to tell you some of my ideas, if you'd care to read them.

So, here are my ideas:



A papaya with eyes and feet. Since this a very tropical fruit, I though it would do well as an badguy for Tropical Islands. However, other tropical fruits are certainly an option, and, of course, the badguy needn't even be a fruit. Mangoes and bananas would also work fine.



Nutty is a coconut. He has a palm leaf for hair and walks around. He is similar to Mr IceBlock and Slow Snail. When jumped, he loses his feet and eyes and can be kicked or carried.

Mr Palm Tree:

Mr Palm Tree.jpeg

Similar to Walking Totem. A stack of segments, with the topmost being egg-shaped and having leaves. When jumped upon, the bottom segment is squished. The entire tree drops down and the next segment sprouts feet and resumes walking. The tree does not walk off any edges and turns around if any segment touches a block. It is squishable, butt-jumpable, burnable and freezable. It throws out coconuts from the bases of the leaves which hit the ground, bounce a few times and then turn into Nutty. While in the air and while bouncing they are burnable, but not squishable, butt-jumpable or freezable.

Ghostly Tree:

Spooky Tree.jpeg

This one is for the Ghost forest. Although, as you'll see if you follow the link, this idea had already been thought of, I did think of it myself before seeing that, and I originally called it Spooky Tree. It is similar to the normal Mr Tree, but instead of two Ivies it releases two bats. I also though that Spooky Tree (or even Mr Tree) could have two branches either side of him which Tux could stand on.


Mr Bat.jpeg

I had him called Mr Bat, and discovered as I did with Spooky Tree that someone already had a similar idea. However, my Mr Bat is released from Spooky Trees and this is his pattern of behaviour:

The two Mr Bats fly up to the top of the screen at a slight angle away from Spooky Tree, one on either side. Then both bats fly straight at Tux, who must dodge at the right moment. If he dodges to soon, they will swerve, if he dodges to late, they'll get him. If he dodges at the right time, the bats are stunned, at which point they could be squished. If they weren't squished soon enough, they would fly again to the top of the screen and again at Tux, and so on, and so on...

Mr Bat Stunned.jpeg



I also provided a few ideas about behaviour. (The head not hurting Tux and the swishy tail.)


I read in the meeting log for August '07 the idea for an avalanche that chases Tux along, as opposed to an auto-scrolling screen. I like this idea, and here's a few ideas of my own:

  • The types of badguys could vary: eg, Snowballs in Icyisland. However, although Ivies are the Snowball equivalents in

Forest Island (which insidentally should have a more catchy name like Icyisland) they aren't really round enough to form an avalanche. So perhaps a pile of mossy rocks? Coconuts in the tropical islands?

Worlds and Tilesets

Tilesets for Tropical Islands (World 3)

The Beach

Sand dunes with tufts of grass. Levels on the edges of the island could be like this.

The Palm Forest

A rocky ground with mossy rocks and ferns and palm trees (similar to trees in world 2 but palms). Perhaps trees could have coconuts in them, some of which drop? Tufts of grass.

The Volcano

Tropical islands always have volcanoes on them, it's a known fact. So there could be rocky grey tiles with lots of lava in the levels and different badguys (Lots of Pyros and Flames).

Objects and Powerups

Table of Bullets

There could be, say, one or two types of bullet for each world, but you can carry them between worlds. Different bullets could be used for different things. Eg,

ICYISLAND: Fire Bullets: Dispatches all Snowballs, Iceblocks, Jumpies and Fish, explodes Bombs. Gain 8p/b. Bullet bounces.

Ice Bullets: Dispatches Fish, freezes Spiky Snowballs, Jumpies and Bombs. Dispatches all Forest badguys bar flames and wisps. Gain 8p/b. Bullet bounces.

Snowball: Dispatches all Snowballs, Iceblocks, Jumpies, Fish and Bombs. Also Ivies, W. Leaves, Trees, Igels, Zeeklings & Snails. Gain 4p/b. Snowball flies in straight line and can dispatch two badguys in a row, however stops on all Spikies and Jumpies.

FOREST ISLAND: Fire Bullets: Dispatches Ivies, Walking Leaves, Trees, Fish, Igels (if hit in head), zeeklings and Snails. Gain 8p/b. Bullet bounces.

Seed Bullets: Dispatches Fish, takes root on Ivies, Walking Leaves, Trees, Igels, Zeeklings & Snails. Dispatches all Icyisland badguys bar flames. Gain 8p/b. Seed bounces.

Rock: Dispatches Ives, Walking Leaves, Trees, Fish, Igels, Zeeklings and Snails. Dispatches Igels if hits head. Gain 4p/b. Rock flies in straight line and can dispatch two badguys in a row, however stops on Igels' backs.

Non-Bullet Powerups

Ballooner: A small balloon grows from the top of the box. When gathered, Tux has puffed cheeks. And when you press action, he swells up. He can then move up and down with up and down. However, to move right, you press left, so that tux blows left and blows himself along, and to move left you press right. (Not entirely my idea...)

FloatyTux: A rubber ducky appears on the box. When gathered, a thing appears round Tux's waist that looks like a deflated floaty. When you press action, it inflates and stays inflated till he gets hit by a baguy, when it pops. The good side? He can float across water.

PogoTux: Tux gets a pogo stick. This is essentially like a trampoline, but he carries it with him when he bounces. When he stays in one spot, he bounces continually but only slightly. When he moves, he bounces slightly higher, and when he jumps its like when he jumps on a trampoline.

BigTux(or helmet Tux): This is the traditional egg. However, if BigTux/SmallTux is erased from the game, he get a helmet or a hardhat instead.

Inventory: A small inventory box. Tux always has it. It is capable of holding on type of bullet, two types of non-bullet powerup and three Penguin Hearts. There is a different button for Bullet, Non-Bullet One and Non-Bullet Two. Penguin Hearts are really how many times he can get hurt without dying. One Heart equals bigtux, two Hearts equals a firetux, and three hearts equals Invincible Tux. However, it could be made that Tux looks no different - no more bigtux - but simply loses a heart each time he is hit, and there is a maximum of two, three or four hearts. Or something.