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Ravu al Hemio, known to the surroundings as Ondra Hosek, is a hobby programmer. He is not very creative and his logical thinking is limited to consequential thinking, which is pretty useful in programming but totally useless in school maths, which frustrates him to excess. He wrote multiple patches for SuperTux after MatzeB's Big Commit™.

He is known by many as a whiner and pessimist, but he is trying to shut himself up as well and often as possible. He has not yet considered therapy for his lack of self-confidence, but it does seem to him as a sane alternative to any more drastic actions.

Once upon a time, he was simply writing documentation and fixing L-rated bugs for the SuperTux project. Then, through a fortunate series of events, he got promoted from Contrib Programmer to Programmer and received SysOp/Bureaucrat rights on this wiki. So, now he writes documentation and code as well as posting URIs with http in the protocol part.

He still has to update his photo in the credits to reflect his new, longer-and-a-bit-unruly hairstyle, with which he can do headbangs while failing dismally at playing the guitar.

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  • A few things I despise or really hate in the world of SuperTux. (This is not an attack against the rest of the team, you've done a great job so far, but simply reactions to things I don't like.)