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I opt to fix the following issues (from the TODO list):

  • H: reimplement fish
    • Status: halted (may be taken over)
    • Progress: ~80%
    • ETA: Unknown
  • M: describe scripting API
    • Status: in progress
    • Progress/ETA: n/a (anytime somebody adds a new wrapper function, I have to write a sentence about it)
  • M: describe file formats
    • Status: in progress
    • Progress/ETA: n/a (when a new file format is devised, I write about it)

In case you feel like taking over some of these tasks, tell me about that on the discussion page.

Completed tasks

  • H: Flapping
  • M: rework font code to work on UTF-8 pages.
  • L: rename GameObject::action() to GameObject::update() (this includes renaming active_action and inactive_action)
  • implement a ScriptedTrigger to trigger a script when Tux enters a given area or activates a button
  • fix Jamfiles to enable "jam install" with 2005-05-16 repos directory structure
    • Status: all in repository