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Supertux SVN Builds for Windows

SuperTux r6694

Built on Windows XP SP3 using MinGW / GCC 4.6.


SuperTux-Editor r6694 (new fixed download)

Built on Linux using Mono. Runs on Windows, too (I added some dll files).



Every build (especially older ones):

SuperTux Improved Editor

This is a fork of the SuperTux level editor. Contains some improvements.

Warning for Windows Users

The improved editor uses GtkSharp instead of sdl to load images. This reduces the amount of dll files. Unfortunately, GtkSharp 2.12.10 for Windows has a bug and won't load any jpeg files. More info:

You have to do one of the following things:


  • download GtkSharp 2.12.9-2 and GtkSharp 2.12.10
  • install 2.12.10
  • rename C:/Program Files/GtkSharp/2.12/bin/libjpeg7.dll to libjpeg-7.dll
  • repair 2.12.10 (launch the installer again and click repair)
  • install/repair 2.12.9-2
  • install/repair 2.12.10 again
  • now it works.


Built on Linux using Mono. Runs on both Windows and Linux.