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Welcome to the SuperTux Tutorial!

SuperTux Basics

SuperTux is a classic-style jump-'n'-run first-person platformer where Tux, the Linux mascot, must save his girlfriend Penny from his arch-rival, Nolok, by squishing baddies and collecting coins in the snowy lands of Antarctica. The primary objective is to finish each level by getting to the goal. This usually unlocks even more levels for you to try!

The default controls for SuperTux:

  • Right/left for walking
  • Down for ducking and climbing on ladders
  • Space for jumping (hold space longer to jump higher)
  • Up for entering doors, activating switches, and climbing on ladders
  • Control is the "action button," used for firing bullets and carrying objects

If Tux is hit with a hazard, he is hurt, sending him back to the beginning of the level (or to the last checkpoint, in some situations.)


Powerups are goodies placed around the level. Some are out in the open, but others are placed in bonus blocks ( Bonusblock.png ) and only show up if Tux bonks his head on the block.

Coins ( Coin-0.png ) award Tux...well...coins. The number of coins you have collected is shown in the upper right of the game screen. These come in handy later on, but they are useless otherwise.

Eggs ( Egg.png ) roll around and make Tux into "big Tux" on contact. Big Tux is twice as tall as his small counterpart, and Big Tux is granted the ability to duck with the down key, and he can break wooden boxes by bonking them with his head. If Big Tux is hit by a hazard, he becomes small Tux again, and is temporarily invincible.

Fireflowers ( Fire flower-0.png ) make Tux into "Fire Tux." Fire Tux is like Big Tux, but he has a fireman's hat and a special ability to shoot fireballs. The Control key fires one of these, which can kill most (but not all!) badguys.

Iceflowers ( Ice flower.png ) make Tux into "Ice Tux." Ice Tux is basically Fire Tux, but he shoots snowballs instead of fireballs.

Tux dolls ( 1up.png ) give Tux 100 coins. Be sure to catch them before they fly off the screen!

Invincibility stars ( Star-0.png ) make Tux invincible to hazards (he even destroys some badguys!) for a short time.