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Hello everybody! I am a fan of the SuperTux game who hopes to get more involved in the project.

Some of the things I've done:

I have worked on the Mr. Palm Tree and Nutty badguys.

SuperTux Chronicles Story

I - Icy Island

The warm midday sun warmed the cold antarctic ice. It was supposed to be a good day, but it would turn out to be a very bad one. Tux ran happily ran across the ice. He was headed to see his girlfriend, Penny, at a picnik they had planned. She was there at that moment, but she would not be for long.
There were few bushes around, but in one near Penny, danger was waiting. An evil monster named Nolok waited for the perfect time to strike, hidden in the bush. Penny was listening to her radio, oblivious to the threat. Suddenly, Nolok jumped from the bush, landing with a crunch, grabbed Penny, and put his large claws across her mouth so she could barely utter a sound.
Nolok dropped a piece of paper and a small cylinder on the ground near the still playing radio, and then was gone in a flash, taking Penny with him. Nolok knew that Tux would attempt to enter his castle and save Penny, but Nolok had other plans.
Tux ran across the ice, approaching the planned site of their picnik, unknowing what had happened. The radio was still playing. A light on the small cylinder blinked at an icreasing rate. Gas began to pour out of the rapidly blinking cylinder, and Tux fell into a deep sleep, hitting the cold ice with a crunch.
Tux woke up several hours later, pulling himself up and then reaching down and picking up the cylinder. It was open slightly, and was no longer a threat, all the gas was gone. Tux looked around. The radio was still playing. The piece of paper was lying on the ground several meters away, blown by the wind. Tux walked over quickly and picked it up. The paper was slightly wet, but the writing was still easily read. Tux recognized the handwriting immediatly, it was the handwriting of his arch enemy, Nolok. He read the letter:

 I'm sure that you've noticed by now that your beloved Penny is knowhere to be found. That's because I took her away to my castle. You can try to rescue her, and I know you will, but the path to my castle is just littered with my minions. I would love to see you destroyed by your dedication to Penny. So, come on, penguin. Come on, you know where I am.
Tux looked off into the distance, at Nolok's castle. There it was, standing tauntingly there. Tux knew that his journey to the castle would be very hard, but it didn't matter. He was going to go there anyway.
He ran across the snow, the crunches of his footsteps becoming more and more rapid. He jumped into the air over a steep drop, and came dropping down, hitting the ice and sending spiderweb cracks through it. Ahead of him a Mr. Iceblock noticed his presence, and began to dash his direction, but Tux was ready. He to ran at it, jumped, and slammed down on Mr. Iceblocks head, following the drop with a kick backwards, sending Mr. Iceblock speeding backwards across the splitting ice. Tux ran forward, the cracks racing behind him. He jumped forward, landing on thicker ice. He heard a splash as Mr. Iceblock fell into cold antarctic water.
Tux saw a fireflower and picked it up. Its power raced through his body, and he continued forward. A steep ice wall faced him, and on the top were several snowballs, minions of Nolok. Tux was ready.
He sent fireballs down to the ground to propel himself upward at first, then grabbed onto a ledge of the wall. A snowball ran off the edge, falling down in an attempt to knock Tux of the wall. Tux swung to the side, and the snowball fell to the ground, where it smashed into the ice. Tux jumped up, grabbing another ledge. He lept up, grabbing the top. He pulled himself up, and stood there, facing the other enemies.
Tux launched fireballs at them, and they ran away in fright. He looked at Nolok's castle again. It was so far. Nolok probably had horrible things waiting for him on the way there.
He spotted another note on the ground, scrawled in Nolok's sloppy handwriting. It was held down to the ground with a stick, which made a big hole in the page, unfortunatly right on top of Nolok's writing. Tux removed the stick and picked up the letter.
 I see you've made it this far, but there is still a long way to go untill you reach my castle. Even if you get there, you will have a hard time getting past my defences! Huh! But I know you'll try anyway!
A small leafless tree was on the ground near the note, not rooted, just there on the ice. It a living tree, and looked very sad. Tux walked over to it. The tree looked up at Tux, its eyes were watering. Small line had been dug into the tree's trunk, and it looked slightly burned.
"What's wrong, why are you here?", asked Tux, but the tree vanished in a flash of smoke. Another penguin raced toward Tux now, with a look of concern.
"Another tree?", asked the penguin, looking down at where the smoke was coming from.
"Another tree.. do these trees show up often?", Tux asked.
"They do up here. They always look horribly sad, and it looks like something bad happened to them. One or two appear here every hour in a flash of light, then they dissapear in smoke. The tribe gave me the position of investigating these odd occurences."
Tux had heard about a tribe that lived to the east, but never thought very much about them. Evidently, these trees were nothing new to them, though.
Tux heard footsteps; he swung around to see an approaching squad of armored snowballs.
"Run!", exclaimed Tux, startling the penguin. The penguin looked, and saw why. The group was approaching quickly and was very dangerous.
The two penguins ran. "We should run north!", said the tribe penguin, "There is a dropoff to the west and to the south, and we don't want to lead them to the tribe!".
They turned north. The armored snowballs were slow compared to the penguins, but they had much more stamina.
"Wait..", started Tux, but he was cut off by and aggressive growl. More armored snowballs were in front of them.
Tux had remembered that he had picked up the fireflower, and that he could shoot fireballs now. He let the power reach his wings, and sent fireballs at the armored snowballs. The energy hit them and they were shot backwards, burned and smoking. Tux swung around. The other group of armored snowballs were approaching now. Tux let the energy reach his wings again, and shot fireballs at them. They too, were shot backwards, smoking.
Tux turned around, facing the frightened-looking tribe penguin.
"How long have those trees been showing up?", Tux asked.
"A very long time.", the penguin replied.
Suddenly, the ground began to shake, huge cracks went through the ice. Flocks of flying snowballs few overhead, dropping stone down on the ice from above. Something else was causing trouble from below, also, Tux knew it! The charred remains of Mr. Bomb flew up past them out of one of the cracks. Then it was obvious, Mr. Bombs were destoying the ground from below, and the flying snowballs were causing trouble from above.
Tux shot fireballs at the flying snowballs, knocking several out of the sky. The problem was, when they fell out of the sky, they still dropped there rocks. There had to be a better way.
Tux then figured it out. He shot the fireballs at the rocks, causing them to smash through the flying snowballs and continue to fly backwards through the sky, so they would land somewhere further to the north. But there was still no solution to the problem of the Mr. Bombs below, and the whole area would collapse soon if something wasn't done.
A crack opened up below Tux, and he fell through the crack, hitting the bottom and continuing to smash through. He landed in a cave, a cave full of mysterious crystallo.
Tux pulled himself up. Ice dust fell through the air from intense shaking, but Tux ignored it, looking at his company. The crystallo just stared at him blankly. They were surrounding something. Tux took a closer look. It was another one of the harmed trees, but this one wasn't crying. It looked as though it had gotton over whatever had happened to it.
"Who are you?", said one of the crytallo, it a flat voice that seemed to hint at no emotion. The ceiling shook, and more ice dust fell.
"My name is Tux.", Tux replied, "You..??".
"My name is Rukush.", replied the crystallo.