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Rated FUN

SuperTux is a side-scrolling 2D platformer featuring Tux, the Linux mascot, but otherwise entirely unrelated to anything Linux. In the course of the game, Tux will have to make his way through lots of different levels, in order to get to and rescue Penny, who got captured by evil Nolok.



SuperTux is played with either the keyboard or any game controller recognized by the operating system. The following list shows all controls needed to play the game, along with their default keys. Note that all of the controls can be configured in-game.

Control Default mapping Description
Left Cursor Left Makes Tux walk left
Right Cursor Right Makes Tux walk right
Up Cursor Up Enter door, activate switch
Down Cursor Down Duck
Jump Spacebar Makes Tux jump. Hold down longer to jump higher.
Action Left Control Run, Grab, Throw. Hold down and press Left or Right to make Tux run. When running, Tux will also jump higher. More actions are explained below.


To help Tux in his quest to rescue Penny, various Powerups have been placed throughout the levels. Some are in plain view, but most are hidden in bonus blocks:

Bonus Block

When Tux bumps a bonus block from below, he will either collect a coin or the bonus block releases one of several Powerups:

Pic Name Effect
Coin-0.png Coin Milestone 1: Collect 100 coins to gain an extra life. Milestone 2: Every time Tux dies, he will lose 25 coins and restart at the last firefly he activated. If he has less than 25 coins left, he will lose all of them and restart at the beginning of the level.
Egg.png Egg Makes Tux grow. He can then smash wooden boxes with his head.
Fire flower-0.png Fireflower Only released when Tux has already picked up an Egg. After picking up the Fireflower, Tux will throw little fireballs when the Action button is pressed. Most badguys can be knocked off the screen by hitting them with a fireball. Also, special "straw" blocks can be set on fire by hitting them with a fireball, revealing areas with special items or opening a shortcut (Milestone 2 only).
1up.png Tux Doll Ejected from the bonus block and needs to be caught before falling off the screen. When Tux manages to catch it, he is awarded an extra life (Milestone 1) or 100 coins (Milestone 2).
Star-0.png Star Gives Tux invincibility to most hazards for a short amount of time.



In the course of the game, Tux will encounter lots of different enemies - some easy to avoid, some tough to get past. When Tux touches a badguy, he will either lose a Powerup or - if no powerups are left - get thrown off the screen. Most, but not all, of the easier enemies can easily be knocked out by jumping on their head, but take care: As a rule of thumb, enemies with a pointy top cannot be squished, but will hurt Tux, too.

Special Game Objects



When Tux got thrown off the screen, he will normally have to start the current level over from the beginning. There is one exception, though: Most levels contain one or more fireflies, which look like this:


and after touching them like this:


When Tux activates such a firefly, he won't have to restart the level from the beginning, but instead restart from the last activated firefly - as long as he's got at least 25 coins left.

Further Reading

Have fun browsing the SuperTux wiki. You can find lots of in-depth information about most objects in the game here.