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=== Online mode ===
=== Online mode ===
How about instead of just a project for a multiplayer mode, a mass multiplayer mode. Of course, someone would probably have to set up a good server for this. You could differentiate your Tux from everyone else's tux through ties, hats, and body colors. Boxes and enemies could reappear after a certain amount of time. You could trade your coins for something different from a one up. You could have firetux duels with other people, or maybe throw snowballs at each other. Maybe kill other tuxes by jumping to hit bricks that they're standing on.
How about instead of just a project for a multiplayer mode, a mass multiplayer mode. Of course, someone would probably have to set up a good server for this. You could differentiate your Tux from everyone else's tux through ties, hats, and body colors. Boxes and enemies could reappear after a certain amount of time. You could trade your coins for something different from a one up. You could have firetux duels with other people, or maybe throw snowballs at each other. Maybe kill other tuxes by jumping to hit bricks that they're standing on.
: i wanna help!!!!
=== More control over moving platforms ===
=== More control over moving platforms ===

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Pre/Post story movie

Instead of showing scrolling text, movies can be shown stating Penny's kidnap... and at-last the re-union. Wouldn't that be nice?

I still remember the old SuperTux intro with Penny being kidnapped by the helicopter... as far as I know, cutscene support is on the TODO list, and I guess it will be used for the story intro. --Ravu 14:30, 7 Apr 2005 (BST)
Wrong! The story was Tux and Penny were having a picnic, when a creature jumped from behind an ice bush, there was a flash and Tux fell asleep when he woke up there was a note from Nolok saying he had Penny and not to try and save her. So Tux looks sees Nolok's castle and sets off.
I think in the story was: "A creature jumped from behind an ice bush, Tux..." ;-)- penma -
The *old* (as in 0.0.5) cutscene involved the helicopter. The new SVN cutscene is the picnic scene. --Tuxdev 22:00, 1 Oct 2006 (CEST)

Now we have the demos feature in SVN, and it shouldn't be too hard to make a 'movie' level for showing a demo mid-story. --Ajdlinux 23:20, 30 Sep 2005 (BST)

Add a gamepad configuration

It's currently possible to use a gamepad, but the setup must be done by manually editing the SuperTux configuration file.

This has been improved in the development version. supertux now uses all available joysticks and allows to configure the actions for the different joystick buttons.

More starting points

Some levels are very hard in the middle and in the ending. Is there a way to make more starting points? So you haven't to start everytime at beginning of the level. Sometimes I need ten and more trials to cope a situation. It will be very useful. Thanks for the good game! Martin (pmw(at)web(dot)de)

Reset points are also being planned. ~~Ravu 17:28, 8 May 2005 (BST)

perhaps it should be possible to see that you are passing a resetpoint!

Restart points exist in the SVN version, they are marked by butterfly.

New tiles for the worldmap

I already designed some additional worldmap objects for Supertux 0.1.2, e.g. paths through the forest or something like "water ways". Maybe in MS 2 some kind of swimming tux in worldmap could be possible, or walking over a bridge. (For my current solution I only added something to my antarctica.stwt.) - penma -

In svn: bridges, boats

One-way platforms

(An idea from Stephen2985, taken from the Supertux-devel archives)

I would recommend platforms that could be jumped through from the bottom but you can't fall through them if you are on top. SSB has this, as well as many mario and platforming game. This allows for Points of No Return, and would make the game capable of better and less redundant level design

In svn: unisolid tiles

Better rewards

(An idea from Stephen2985, taken from [ the Supertux-devel archives])

A more fitting reward should be accomplished for collecting coins. Yoshi's Island had red coins, Super Mario Sunshine had Extra Shines, etc.

In svn: 25 coins let Tux respawn from the latest firefly
  • Maybe teleports (or something) that cost a certain number of coins to get through?
  • How about the shops on Super Mario 3? they were really a good idea.. I don't understand why they dropped it for Super Mario World -- 21:16, 11 Aug 2006 (BST)
Supertux might be inspired Super Mario. (Basicly because Mario did almost everything you can do in a sidescroller) But that does not mean we have to clone everything Mario ever did.
However, shops are not so typical in Super Mario games and appear in many other games, it is a coherent use for coins. There are a lot of things from Super Mario not strictly necessary for Super Tux that were mentioned here without complain (Yoshi-like NPC, the BowserKoopa-clonic final boss and even the kidnapping storyline)


  • Pulling levers - activate/deactivate/open/close things. Added in SVN today thanks to me (mmiikkee12) :-) (they're called switches but they're more like levers)
  • Standing on switches - activate/open things.
    • In svn (not sure what revision) - just put a script trigger over the platform
  • Wind - make it difficult for Tux to move, push him back, and push him much back if he jump.
    • In svn (since r3640). --AnMaster 11:08, 30 Jun 2006 (BST)
  • Ice pick - to crush blocking ice in order to enter closed areas.
    • In svn (since 3468): Straw Blocks that can be destroyed with fire shot
  • Falling bridge - when walk on it, it fall apart, so cant go back and must hurry.
    • In svn (since 2296): Blocks that crumble when Tux steps on them
  • Bounce pad, thing or something that when Tux jump on it, he bounce up and jumps really high! :D
  • Falling bounce pad- once bounced on falls down so you must use it well.
  • Pushable crates - you push the crate to another place where you need it to jump on it so you can reach higher or something.
    • SVN has carriable rocks.
  • Switches might also rise water level.
    • Already in SVN (see level "Knee-deep in the depth")
  • HelmetTux could wear a helmet, stopping attacks from above, when he ducks he pulls it over himself, making him invincible
  • Scrolling in menu so that we can access all the test collection directly from the game. Currently it just overflows outside the screen and can only be accessed blindly through keyboard.
    • This is a must. I don't understand why isn't it still here..
You did not implement it. I don't think it is that urgent. Real worlds have a worldmap, to test something you can use command line or call level from editor anyway. --Superdev 22:14, 7 February 2007 (UTC)
  • BillBoss - there's probably a good reason, but why doesn't Microsoft play a greater role as an enemy of tux? Couldn't Nolok be Bill or one of his minions?
Updated: Perhaps nolok could ultimately be defeated by manoeuvring him into Redmond and getting "embraced, extended and extinguished" by Bill. :)
No. Similar reasons as in Rejected ideas#No Beastie.


See User ideas/Rejected


Online mode

How about instead of just a project for a multiplayer mode, a mass multiplayer mode. Of course, someone would probably have to set up a good server for this. You could differentiate your Tux from everyone else's tux through ties, hats, and body colors. Boxes and enemies could reappear after a certain amount of time. You could trade your coins for something different from a one up. You could have firetux duels with other people, or maybe throw snowballs at each other. Maybe kill other tuxes by jumping to hit bricks that they're standing on.

i wanna help!!!!

More control over moving platforms

Ability to move platforms without a fixed path. Something like: platform.move(x,y,speed) Maybe platforms could detect wether Tux is standing on them or not. For example, you could make a platform that only moves when Tux is standing on top of it. And it could even change directions each time Tux jumps (yes, I know those kind of platforms were in Super Mario 3).

Improve the handling of Tux

Please tweak the handling of Tux to make more precise movements possible. In version 0.3.0 at least, Tux gets accelerated forwards too fast, so it can be difficult to jump precisely. So reduce the *initial* accleeration, but of course, not the maximum. In other words, holding a direction should expotentially increase acceleration up to the normal level, starting off very slow, but then speeding up. This process would take maybe something like 1.5 seconds or something (test different settings and use the one that gives the best feeling of being in control). Basically make Tux handle more like Mario. ;P

  • Yeah, the current method is lazy anyway, even an amateur programmer can do that. (x+=[speed], x-=[speed])
Feel free to send a patch.

More Tux Moves

Perhaps Tux could be able to pick up a powerup that would let him duck, then press jump and he spins in a ball, destroying enemies just like Sonic the Hedgehog. Maybe a Glider that would let tux slowly glide in a line. I would love to see Super Tux become a Mario/Sonic fusion.

I think tux should be able to slide on his stomach like in Planet Penguin Racer (perhaps doing this instead of ducking, and being user-toggled). Also I think Tux should be able to swim in water, as penguins do swim in water. I don't think he should necessarily not be able to fall of the screen, but he shouldn't die right away. It would be cool if you could swim in lava with a star or a special hat, too. One other thing that might be interesting: Wall Jumping.

  • Unfortunately, this is very unrealistic. Sonic is a hedgehog, which has a spiked back. Tux is a penguin, which doesn't.

Central Storyline

I believe the game really needs a storyline that makes the game not just about the arcade, but involves a greater plot. There should be a cutscene for just about every level and specific objectives (like you need to find a certain key or something before completing the level) Almost every level should have a cutscene that further adds to the plot. I also like the NPC idea because that can also drive the the plot. An idea for a storyline is detailing how Tux and Penny met and maybe add other characters that touch Tux's life (family, old flames, etc.)

An extro - I imagine like this...

I think an idea for later versions was if there was the possibility of doing some adventures with Penny, e.g. exploring some parts of the world. But it's not necessary - only a funny feature.

We're thinking about telling parts of the story from Penny's point of view. --Wansti
Penny is captured by Nolok and locked into cage in his castle so she cant move, so therefor you cant tell view story from her PoV because she cant do anything because shes imprisoned! -- smallfoot
Well, the first part of the story would be Penny escaping. The idea is that she would escape from the cage and you would play her escape. However, Tux wouldn't know about the escape and would continue on his adventures. You can take it to anywhere from there - Sik0fewl 04:18, 22 Mar 2006 (CET)
I suggest: Tux enters some room in the Dark Forest Keep, sees Penny locked in the cage, comes closer, unlocks it, but suddenly faces Nolok, which uses some magic/etc. to prevent Tux from attacking him, then offers Tux the choice: either free penny and be locked in a cage, or be freed and let penny hang on in cage. Tux gives freedom to penny, and Nolok takes him to World 3. Then you play from Penny's PoV. How is it?
Sounds like Nolok is evil and stupid.

I have another idea. About at the 1/2 point of the game, you track Nolok down. Boss battle! As Nolok dies (or whatever), a shade floats out of him and solidifies. The shade is in the general shape of a penguin, but is all black. Not even the eyes are visible. If you have lighting effects going by that time, the "Shadow Penguin" literally darkens any light sources he's near, more and more as the game goes on. The Shadow Penguin escapes. At the very end of the game, now you've tracked the Shadow Penguin down, and you've tracked him to some sort of landscape far removed from the world we know. All backgrounds are black, and the world is sort of a cyber, glowing green (or blue) on black, final showdown kind of thing. You finally find the Shadow Penguin, you fight. The Shadow Penguin has a strong shield, then once that's broken down, the fun REALLY begins. The Shadow Penguin is invulnerable unless you jump on him 3 times... then you can damage him. Once he is defeated... LIGHT! The penguin's "aura", that was causing darkness to take over, vanishes, the blackness (and glowing green, or blue, or whatever) falls away, blue sky and the world we know reasserts itself, and you are revealed to be back in Antarctica, where you started! Tux embracing Penny, happy ending cutscenes, etc. the end.

I really don't want special level objectives, and a cutscene per level would get kind of annoying. Level objectives would complicate things,as would multiple cut scenes, but having one or two would be nice.


Tux really needs to swim. There should be underwater levels, and ways to go underwater. An air limit would be good, as well as a fast swimming power up. Fireflower should not be usable underwater and you should be immune to fireballs.

He's a penguin after all.

Scuba Gear?

Give Tux a scuba tank for the inflated+Flying mode? He flies until out of breath, then falls. Once on ground, he can take another puff. The physics wouldn't work in the real world, but it should be passable in a game, eh? When he gets hit, drop the tank off the bottom of the screen much like a MrSnowball hit with a fireball?

Boxing gloves

Boxeur tux.gif

Boxing gloves might be found as temporary powerups, permanent powerups like the flowers or might be bought at the shops. Boxeur Tux can smash crates, open bonus blocks and defeat most enemies by punching.


Tux should have a better running anamation, his legs should move faster, and perhaps he should flap his wings. Perhaps if he reaches full run he could fly like everyone has been wanting.


Tux should be able to slide down non-horizontal tiles. When doing this, he should be invincible to badguys.

Darker background

(An idea from Stephen2985, taken from the Supertux-devel archives])

Have the game engine display background as 75% brightness, making some levels easier to play, and making cave background easier to see. Although this would cause conflicts with some other level designs, it would benefit gameplay in the future. The background (the 3rd level that doesn't affect gameplay) would be darker than the playable portion. (like in Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3]) At least make a tileset of a darker color reserved for this reason. Otherwise it might be hard to figure out what is background and what is an obstacle.

  • An even better idea - Make it adjustable. Make the player able to adjust the brightness of the background, or every tileset, of blocks and such. Transparency would be a great bonus too. Although one of the suggested changes for milestone two is making the foreground transparent where Tux is, I think this would take some potential level gameplay possibilities away. Transparency around Tux, if implemented, should probably be adjustable. Hopefully in a 'layer' section of preferences.
    The transparency and lightmap of a level is a part of level design and therefore really shouldn't be messed with by "normal" players. Changing either of those things would potentially have drastic impact on the playability of a level, either making it easier or harder than originally intended, as well as possibly lose certain atmosphere aspects e.g. bright snowiness, deep dark forest, foreboding castle, etc. Tuxdev 03:41, 22 Aug 2006 (BST)
    Eh... you may have misinterpreted me. I was referring to the possibility of adjustment of tileset color or brightness or opacity by level devs for each specific .stl, not by players. It's something that could make for some nifty levels, or at least more aesthetically appealing ones (depending on how it's used.)--teal 22:23, 22 Aug 2006 (BST)
    Okay, s/player/level designer. I think that both of these things have been implemented in SVN, but still needs tuning. --Tuxdev 22:43, 22 Aug 2006 (BST)

Background Tileset

after reading grumbel's rant a tileset for forest parallax background is missing. Standard forest tiles are too big.

Warp Pipes

Warp pipes should be able to be stood on, but by pressing down on the arrow pad, Tux could go down them. This could connect underwater and cave levels, and should work somewhat like the door, which already works. They could be used as secret areas, and would add a lot of depth to the gameplay.

Badguy Improvements

You should be able to pick up the beetle baddy and hit it from the side. The fish needs to be able to jump and swim, and should work even if there is no water in the interactive layer, and is just in the foreground. The badguys should stop killing each other.

Some more badguys

Here're three new suggestions for badguys in the forest world:

Biella mrlog limpy.jpg


  • Quick, flying creature, continuously following Tux.
  • Could shoot stingers.

Mr Log

(I designed Mr Log before I read about WalkingTotem. Looks like I'm not the first one who gave some thought to stackable logs...)

  • Slow creature without any special abilities.
  • Maybe "stackable", similar to the cactuses in SMW: Up to four "Mr Log" could be combined to serve as a high barrier, only destroyable from above (or with FireTux).


  • Another slow creature, which is able to adhere to any surface. When reaching the end of a platform, it doesn't fall down, but continues to crawl downwards, upwards, or even underneath.

These badguys could fit in somewhere else.

Mr Missile


Once he “sees” Tux, Mr Missile starts shadowing him. So if Tux stops he doesn’t stop until he reaches the place Tux stopped at. It is the same with other actions. Mr Missile is as fast as Tux. He is killed by invincibility and Supertux’s fire

Rolling Snowball

Rolling snowball looks like bouncing snowball except he rolls along the ground (obviously) when he “sees” Tux he gives a little signal and starts rolling as fast as skidding Mr Iceblock. Tux should be able to ride him. If he stands on him he “zooms”, taking Tux with him. He dies after 5 crashes on “zoom” mode or 1 if Tux is riding him. Invincibility and Supertux’s fire are the only other things that kill him.

There could be a rolling spiky that Tux could not ride.

Mr Airtank

  • looks like a scuba tank with eyes and feet
  • when Tux gets near he puffs out gas which harms Tux
  • when killed, flashes (like MrBomb) and explodes (also like MrBomb)

Super Snowball

  • looks like a giant Mr Snowball
  • can get bonuses like becoming Firetux
  • if Tux jumps on him he shrinks to Mr Snowball

This badguy could go anywhere.

Mr Block

  • looks like shoes with eyes on top
  • "gets" blocks somehow and uses them as a body
  • when killed only the eyes and feet die, leaving a block
    • he could make blocks
    • he could get them by pulling out of ground
    • he could take them when he bumps into a wall

Here is a badguy which could fit into the dark-forest scheme:

The Evil Tree

Evil tree.png

At first, this looks and behaves like a normal background tree, so tux can walk "through" it. (Especially mean when having the same tree often as normal background) When tux passes a special point near the tree (surprise will be much more intense if this point is behind that tree), it becomes alive and hunts tux.

It maybe would be a good idea to make the tree a little slow as it were strange to have it running around. That could be compensated by making it a bit harder to kill. (I also have the graphic in svg available where it should be easy editable and resizeable.) --Henning 08:46, 27 Sep 2006 (BST)

Leopard Seals

Just another badguy. See wikipedia article about this: They can grab penguins under water, they can't breath and they die.

Badguys from User:Penguin

Love these ideas. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 18:42, 23 March 2007 (UTC)

Some Badguys for Icyisland

Flattop/Flatbottom Iceberg

Flattop Iceberg looks like an upside-down icy cone with eyes that follow Tux and lives only in water. When jumped on, speeds off at Mr.-Iceblock speed with Tux on top; at collision, Tux flies off and Iceberg crumbles.

Flatbottom Iceberg is a flipped Flattop Iceberg, so it can't be "ridden". Both kinds of Iceberg can be killed by fire shot and their points kill Tux.

Some Forest World Badguys

Aboveground Badguys


It looks like an ordinary rock, but when Tux gets within range (5 spaces away), it grows eyes and legs and starts walking. When Tux jumps on it, its legs vanish and its eyes close. Tux can then pick it up. If Tux lets go, or jumps on it again, it speeds off like a Mr. Iceblock. This badguy can't be killed.

  • I don't think it should speed off, since it is a rock, not a block of ice and would have a good deal more friction. I do think it would be neat if a few seconds of it coming to a stop it revived and starts to chase Tux again if he is still nearby.


This badguy is 4 spaces long. It lies motionless, and when Tux is in its sightline (10 spaces long, 1 space high), it opens its eyes, waits one second, and shoots out its tongue. If it misses, it waits another second and shoots out its tongue again. When Tux is hit by the tongue, he gets pulled into the chameleon's now open mouth and gets crushed. If Tux jumps on it, it turns into a smaller, harmless chameleon which crawls around a bit and then disappears. If Tux shoots it, it shrinks; with the second shot, it dies.

Water Badguys

Swimming Fish

The Swimming Fish is like a fish turned on its side. It swims just below the surface of water and dives at Tux like a Zeekling. It can be killed by jumping on it and by fire shot.


The Jellyfish is hard to beat because it moves randomly in water. The trailing tentacles (2 spaces long) can kill Tux. It can be killed the same way as a Swimming Fish.

Underground Badguys


Earthworms slither vertically and horizontally. They are 1 space thick, and therefore would be best in 1- or 2-space-high tunnels. They push Tux back; or, in 2-space-high horizontal tunnels, Tux can ride them. They only kill when they squash Tux against a wall, floor, or ceiling. They cannot be killed.

Killer Earthworm

Killer Earthworms move like a Limpy. They look like an Earthworm but are smaller with fangs in their mouth. They can be killed only by fire shot and invincibility.

Ghost Forest Badguys

Mr. Lightning

It looks like a small bolt of lightning with eyes and shoots down from a certain point, trying to hit Tux. It moves twice as fast as a diving Zeekling. It cannot be killed, and it hurts Tux when it hits him, after which it disappears.

Mr. Bubble

Mr. Bubble looks like a very fat ghost with legs and eyes. It mostly walks on the ground, but can also float up to 5 spaces above the ground at random times. Upon spotting Tux, it shoots bubbles at him, and Tux has to dodge them. If he doesn't, he gets caught in the bubble, the bubble shrinks to a tiny dot, there is a pop sound, and Tux dies.


Looks and acts the same as Mr.Bubble,but warps Tux.

Castle Badguys

Walking DartTrap

Looks like a walking SkullyHop, but shoots darts at preset intervals. Can be killed by squishing and fire shot.

Suit of Armor

As high as BigTux, it runs with its sword held in front of it. It can kill Tux, as well as any badguy that can be killed by Tux. When hit with fire shot, it melts and disappears.

More Objects to Meet

Radar Man


Radar Man moves by disappearing from the square he is in and appearing in one next to it. He does not harm Tux he simply makes Tux have to move like him for a while. Radar Man cannot be harmed.

Maybe its my poor English, but i dont understand what radar man is supposed to do.
Radar Man is a teleporter type object. He moves around, and if you touch him, you get teleported... that's how I understand it.
In that case, it's already been implemented as a Will-O-Wisp. --DJ WingsFreesyle here: N0 PH33R 19:52, 9 July 2007 (UTC)
Seems more like an object that forces Tux to move like it for a while. --Shylence 10:10, 10 July 2007 (UTC)



Something is hidden in a safe. If it is touched by Tux then as soon as Tux stops touching it the thing is released. If it is a tile that’s hidden in it then to release it the safe turns into it, if it is a bad guy it appears on top of it.

I at least do not like that idea. 22:14, 25 Sep 2006 (BST)
Every time you use Paint for anything other than pixmapping, God kills a graphics designer. I don't want to die because of you. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 23:15, 26 Oct 2006 (CEST)

Sleeping Snowball

Looks like a Mr Snowball with no feet and closed eyes, on contact with him Tux falls over and can't get up for a few seconds, allowing badguys to get him. Might be defeatable.

Sitting Spiky

  • looks like a metal dome with spikes
  • hurts Tux on contact

Flying Spiky

  • looks like Sitting Spiky with propeller underneath
  • if Tux touches prop. he gets blown away
  • hovers in mid-air


Robber walks around and, on contact steals bonuses and runs off to somewhere. If he steals every kind of bonus, he gets a weapon, allowing him to hurt Tux.

As an addition for this idea, it should be possible to pursuit and kill the robber to get the stuff back, though it should be pretty hard to get him. --Head 23:12, 8 Dec 2006 (CET)
great idea.
Needs work... Besides, it sounds kinda cheesy. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 23:12, 20 Dec 2006 (CET)

Scared Cat

  • runs away from Tux
  • would be nearly as fast as Tux
  • When he catches one Tux gets a reward-Special bonus?

Badguys from Shylence

Ghostly Tree

Ghost forest version of MrTree. See Ghostly Tree.

Walking Rock

Unrelated with the "Walking rock" above. A big rock that works like a platform. See Walking Rock.

Undead enemy

Undead penguin.gif

When killed, stays dead for some time and then comes back to life. Could be a zombie penguin or a skeleton alike to SkullyHops. Might be freezable and killed by fireballs or buttjump.



Implementation of a Dispenser (took the idea from that page). Spawns rocks and/or flames randomly or at a given interval. Might be frozen and become usable as a platform (or even something like a geyser), but only for a limited time.


Looks like a walking snowball encircled by a cloud of light blue smoke (frozen air). When the smoke touches an enemy or an object, it reacts like it was hit by an icebullet or a stalactite. Can be killed only by invincibility, firebullet, collision with Iceblocks and similar enmies. When Tux touches it he freezes for a short time, and is not hurt.


Might look like MrPlasma. Generates an electric field that hurts Tux and enemies and electrifies water. This could happen randomly, at fixed intervals or when Tux gets nearby.


A fly that flies around Tux, annoying him and forcing him to move, but without harming him.

So it messes up the controls for a bit so that Tux is forced away from it? Original. Me likes! --DJ WingsFreesyle here: N0 PH33R 17:30, 10 July 2007 (UTC)

Polar bear

It's been suggested numerous times that a polar bear be used as a bad guy or NPC. Here's some concept art that I made: Polar-bear.png
Suggestions for what it could do? Maybe it could pace around like other badguys and charge when it sees Tux? That's probably not a good idea, since it seems like the sort of thing that only a boss should be able to do, and there's already the Yeti. --DJ WingsFreesyle here: N0 PH33R 14:55, 9 August 2007 (UTC)

World 1 is Antarctica. That is a far away from polar bears as you can get without leaving the planet. But if we ignore that the bear might make a good boss for a snow world. He is way too big for a ordinary badguy. --Superdev 18:38, 9 August 2007 (UTC)

Some sounds

Could it be possible that there are sound effects when Tux walks on different types of ground, and when he hits the ground? e.g. on snow he makes somewhat like "tsh, tsh tsh" and on grass (forest tiles) he is rustling? (You see, I have some problems translating written sounds from German to English :( )I hope you can imagine what I think.

A sound if tux hits the ground should be possible. If someone creates a sound. For "walking" sounds its a bit more tricky since there are no tile attributes that tell the engine what kind of ground tux is on, do we really want that?
Well, the tiles could get simple attributes, enabling this and, after some time of fooling around with it, lots of other effects. Deep snow makes you sink in and slower. Put the slickness of ice in there. Alternatively, just let the designer designate regions that have certain specs. 22:17, 25 Sep 2006 (BST)

Friendly NPCs(non-player characters)

Perhaps there could be friendly(or at least non-hostile) beings in the world. I would prefer implementation in milestone 3 or longer so as to not put another thing for the developers to do. A yoshi equivalent(seal?) would be neat but may be an entirely different game altogether. Some other ideas: a character who gives tux a quest in exchange for a key, hint for a puzzle etc., a charater who fights with tux for a little while to achieve something against nolok, a character teaches tux certain abilities. -F50

This would be good. Make a 'talking' system that scrolls on the bottom. Maybe some characters could give you extra supplies or even weapons. --Ajdlinux 23:23, 30 Sep 2005 (BST)

  • Maybe modify the code for info boxes to let characters talk? Sounds good. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 18:27, 11 Jul 2006 (BST)
    Text is evil. The player has to be able to read and understand the language which is a requirement that was not there in MS1. --WolfgangB 14:21, 12 Jul 2006 (BST)
  • Stores or some such could just work with numbers and pictures. Having a _story_ told in little pictures would even add a very fun element.. RichiH 22:42, 25 Sep 2006 (BST)

I think that the Yoshi equivalent, if used, could better be a Polar Bear in stead of a Seal. A Polar Bear can walk a lot faster on land than a Seal.Tuxenegger 17:35, 20 January 2006

Bad idea, polar bears live in the arctic, penguins live in the antarctic.

what about more then one Yoshi equivalent depending on the world he is in like for ice a polar bear or a walrus and for forest a sloth or some kind of gecko (nothing looking like yoshi of course) and even if polar bears and penguins dont live together i highly doubt there is such things as walking snowballs/icecubes exist and the yeti is debatable Atomic1fire 02:05, 1 Jan 2007 (CET)

Perhaps Tux could ride a Gnu? -kcfelix

Rejected ideas lists "no FOSS mascots". I also don't think SuperTux' target audience would understand just why SuperTux would feature a penguin riding a gnu. Let's leave Tux the only reference to anything geeky.
Perhaps we could make just this exception, since it is kind of a major character. We could tell it like "Tux went to Grass(???) world and met Gnu, who joined Tux against Nolok because <personal reason>". --tuxdev

Hey, if you wanna see a possible NPC, go to Salsa. --Penguin Man 00:55, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

Bad guys and Immunity

I suggest that very few bad guys have complete immunity to FireTux or IceTux. For example, instead of no effect, have Mr. IceBlock get extra-ice stopping him in his tracks and making him take more jumps to kill in this state. Eventually (If Tux doesn't kill him first) the ice will melt and Mr. IceBlock will go back to normal. The same with the other bad guys. I think there should also be a downside for the bad guy in all cases. -F50

New Ideas

A while back I read somewhere here who you Dev people could not add more powers to Tux because then you could never tell what powers he would have when he got to a level thus making it harder for level writers. I was thinking that this was not true if you just make all these power ups have power downs for each one or for all or for some subsets. Thus a level could be made where the only way forward was to hit a power down. Thus the level maker would be in total contol of all of Tux's powers at any given place. Douglas E Knapp, Perspective Project MMORPG. (

Stage Variety

One thing that SuperTux is missing that Mario had would be stage variety. There are already above and underground stages, but where's the underwater action? Not to mention things like castle stages, stages with rising/falling water, vertically scrolling stages, those really annoying maze stages, autoscrolling stages, et cetera. Not to mention different locales, but I gather that those are already in the works. I refer specifically to some sort of forest. (And, might I add, picturing a penguin in a forest is pretty amusing.)

they are going to use a forest in M2

foudre: I dl the alpha for milestone 2, problem being is that in mario and other games they had more variety, ie: smaller worlds and more of them, rather then a long series of same themed levels, the forest is sort of cool, but people need to work on more tile sets, i will try to create a mountain side/volcano one, but the thing about major sidescroolers they had several worlds, and some levels even had their own tileset, so i think there shouldn't be the same fear of extra tile sets here either, i mean keeping it reasonable of course. and of course more enemies, the new set of forest creatures was sort of cool, still needs more variety


Alternative worlds

There might be alternative worlds accessible by beating secret levels, e.g. Tux might find a secret exit in a IcyIsland level and go to a volcano world instead of the forest world. Think of Wario Land II. However, I'd reserve this for Milestone 3 or even later, since this would take a lot of designing.

Female Players

For the female players: You can play Penny and will have to rescue Tux.

No that would be unrealistic. Everybody know that Tux is a strong superhero and that Nolok or anyone could never ever kidnap him and that even if they managed to, then Penny could do nothing besides crying and going him and eating until she get fat or suicide!
Yeah, right... As you can read in several other places on the wiki, Penny will be a playable character in Milestone 3.

Level Start

Enter level with jump button.

There's a problem I experienced with this : when you choose Up arrow key as the jump button, you can't move up anymore on the worldmap, since there are two actions for one key. Maybe worldmap movement keys should be customizable or something? ----
Why would they not use the same keys for movement as in the levels? Some of us vi and nethack types might like to use hjkl instead.. RichiH 22:45, 25 Sep 2006 (BST)

Hidden Blocks

  • Hidden blocks containing items (power-ups, extra lives, etc) as well as ordinary blocks for stepping stones should exist.
    Ordinary blocks are implemented as Secret Blocks. Hidden bonus blocks are up for discussion. -- 06:21, 18 Sep 2006 (BST)
  • Tux should fall through hidden blocks before they're hit. Another implementation for clouds and elevated platforms should be used. The blocks would be more 'hidden' if you can only find them by hitting them from below.
    Implemented as Secret Blocks -- 06:21, 18 Sep 2006 (BST)
  • Cloud platforms should be able to be jumped onto from below, similarly to how jumping onto platforms in Mario games works.
    Implemented as Unisolid Tiles -- 06:21, 18 Sep 2006 (BST)
  • Tux should be able to horizontally and/or diagonally jump through hidden blocks (transparently) before the blocks have been hit from below, as opposed to getting the jumping-against-a-wall effect. The current implementation causes Tux fatalities in some levels.
    Already implemented in aforementioned Secret Blocks -- 06:21, 18 Sep 2006 (BST)

Object blocks

?-Blocks might contain items like trampolines or rocks, or maybe even enemies.

Already implemented. Was used in early version of "down the rabbit hole".
Note that this isn't good style as users don't expect other things to come out of ?-blocks. You should at least create some replacement images for the blocks then, so that you can see it's something special (this is 1 of the reasons why we don't use that feature anymore in down the rabbit hole). --MatzeB 10:45, 28 January 2007 (UTC)
Up to now everything that comes out of an ?-block is good for you and not required to solve the level. So IMO a trampoline that you can use for a shortcut or to reach a secret area is OK, a badguy or a trampoline that you need to reach the only path to the exit is not. --WolfgangB 11:24, 28 January 2007 (UTC)

Collecting Stuff

I think what makes some games really enjoyable is the possibility of collecting things. One (maybe totally crazy) idea: if Tux could spit bubbles, he probably could catch enemies and carry them to a specific place, like a museum, which is located on the world map. For completing the collection with all badguys of the current world, Tux would get a reward.

Rotating bridge

Create a rotating bridge, like in Mario.


Tux wears a little party hat when you type "tux rocks". When you type "iddqd", tux shakes his head. When you type the name of a specific badguy, Tux looks like that badguy.

iddqd? idkfa! -- RichiH 22:47, 25 Sep 2006 (BST)


I've played an old version of the SVN build, and milestone 2 really looks like a very complete game to me. It features everything what I'd expect in SuperTux. I've had just 1 crash on exiting the program, but I really think that will be fixed when going final. Why not call milestone 2 "SuperTux 1.0"? Most people think when they see "0.2" that it is some crappy beta version, which milestone 2 obviously is not. Cristan 00:38, 26 Oct 2006 (CEST)

Superpower mass effect

Whenever Tux has a powerup (fire/ice/whatever), a key combo may generate a big (almost whole screen) instant burning/frosting/whatever area (fancy graphics) that results in only one fire/ice/whatever shot effect for each enemy/burnable block/item in the area (this includes the potential bad-side effects). Once this ability is performed, Tux will lose the fire/ice/whatever ability and return to the normal bigTux.

I think this won't unbalance the game. The fact that with a fire/ice hat you have an unlimited fire/ice shot supply is pretty much useful than just an instant fire/ice area. You still could just kill every enemy in the screen by shooting and you still keep the powerup. Different ways with different difficulty and rewards will improve the game IMO. This feature could bring more fanciness and originality to the game along with more possible puzzles involving this ability (Ej: you need to burn a block that is out of range so that it makes a rock fall and push a button). --Ferk 10:50, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Improved Tux surroundings viewing

With some keypress the camera zooms out (to 175% for example), so everything looks small and you have a wider scope of the surroundings. As long as you keep the key pressed you can use the arrow keys to move the camera between certain limits (tux should be always visible). This would enhance the usability of puzzle-oriented maps that had big schemes (buttons that had an effect at farther different places) and would make use of the fancy features of OpenGL. --Ferk 11:35, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

That would make some levels too easy.-- 20:51, 28 March 2007 (UTC)
Maybe there could be some Map Blocks. Like info-blocks but these should show just a "roughly scetched map" of te level. Or maybe just a part of it


smallfoot made a page, see Smallfoot's ideas.

Are they so bad that they need a separate page?

Worlds, scenarios, levels

  • A Glitch world one put somewhere hard to find Atomic1fire 02:35, 1 Jan 2007 (CET)
  • Water world
  • Cave
  • Lava world
  • Forrest
  • Ice world
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Space
  • Sky/cloud world?
  • Dark level where is night!
  • Levels where Tux has to go up rather than forward -- He could be climbing a mountain or a really tall tree.
  • Geeky computer/circuit board world - "Tux decided that the only way to get Penny back would be to hack into Nolok's computer..." well, worth a try.
    No. Not another so called "geek game". Kill evil Bill G. won't work with the existing storyline. -- 21:26, 23 Jul 2006 (BST)
    Someone suggested this on the mailing list, and Marek came up with a concept: An easter egg that makes Nolok look like Bill or Steve (Ballmer, not Jobs). I figure it's at least worth a try, but a complete storyline revision would be imprudent in keeping with this game's general philosophy to be a Mario homage, only. If you want to frag Gates, go play XTux.--DJ WingsFreesyle here 03:08, 28 Jul 2006 (BST)
    Tux could hack Nolok's computer to find out where Nolok will take Penny next?
  • Some of these ideas might be better served as minigames? Like the Zelda GB crane game, fishing game etc. and could be added to the shop idea (you either buy the item or try your hand at a minigame to get said item, or a not-for-sale special item). Some of those minigames could be hacked into SuperTux by designing levels in other games (PlanetPenguin Racer, Frozen Bubble etc.) which could reduce development time and needs for new graphics.
  • why not a portal type place where he gets sucked in or a ray gun firing a beam at tux digitizing him or something Atomic1fire 02:35, 1 Jan 2007 (CET)
    Because they did that in "Tron" already.
  • Where's bonus island III? The current two bonus islands are getting boring. I suggest it to be a forest world and not start collecting levels until the editor becomes available in a version that uses SDL as to provide an opportunity for more people. I, myself am having trouble with OpenGL and the editor. (See Talk:Milestone1.9 under editor error)
    Go download "Tux Strikes Back". That's the closest thing we have. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 18:39, 23 March 2007 (UTC)


  • Diving - in water?
  • Flying - in air?
  • Sliding - on his belly - hello, he's a penguin
  • Hang glider - to fly!
  • Low gravity - extra high jumps, slow fall down
you can do that already
  • Walk on water - but only if the water isn't deep
  • Slippery surfaces - like a slippery ice where can glide and difficult control Tux.
  • Pushable/rollable stone - you roll it over enemies so they die, and can roll it to place so you jump up on it to reach higher.
  • Moving script triggers - for example, have a cloud of smoke flying around and if it touches Tux it puts him to sleep for a few seconds.
  • Swim in water like Mario a penguin.
    • Grubmel's grumbling about this already, and it seems justified. See "Grumbel's Grumbles".
    • Update: partially implemented in SVN (at latest, rv. 4102). Tux can float, but not swim.
      Oh well. Looks like nobody cared about the "Before implementing swimming there are some details that need to be specified" on the Swimming page. :-(
      Wrong. The SVN version just had some of the hooks added that will be needed to implement swimming, regardless of the final look and feel. Just for demonstration purposes these hooks are now used to make Tux float.
  • Lava tiles might be solid, making possible for some enemies (and maybe Invincible Tux) to walk on them. They may also kill even BigTux on touch instead of simply hurting him.
  • Special blocks solid for enemies but not for Tux, and maybe vice-versa.
  • Truly floating platforms, that actually float on water: if one of these is placed in midair, it will fall down, stopping when hitting solid or water tiles; if the level of water rises/falls, they will automatically rise/fall (SVN currently allows only platforms with a fixed path).
  • Grouping objects in the editor, or at least being able to select more than one at a time - this would make it much easier to do levels with many similar objects. Say I have 20 snowballs, and I decide I need only 5 there. It takes 30 clicks to delete 15 snowballs - I should be able to select 15 of them, right click one and delete them all.
  • Scrolling: I know we have worldmaps for most level sets, but the test collection could use a scrolling feature. There are many more levels than the screen shows.
  • More forest world badguys: It'd be cool to have falling things like the stalactites (monkeys that jump on Tux?) and bouncing things (tumbleweeds?) that fit in with Forest world levels.
  • More sounds for example, a ringing noise for whenever Tux touches a bell.
  • Fading tilemaps without a secret area (i.e. a script)
    Could be useful --AnMaster 20:14, 20 January 2007 (UTC)
  • Fading parts of tilemaps so you don't have to make a separate tilemap for each secret area. Just fade the part that's covering *this* secret area.
    That would be ilogical, and hard to make it work correctly, having a separate tilemap is simpler and more logical. --AnMaster 20:14, 20 January 2007 (UTC)
    What about a tilemap, that always makes the part in front of Tux semitransparent?
    Doesn't sound useful for anything. --AnMaster 15:03, 21 January 2007 (UTC)
    Did you ever play Short Visit to El Castillo? It would be very useful if the foreground could fade away so you can see tux.
    I have played that level of course... (I'm a SuperTux developer after all...) And I don't see what you mean. The trees directly after the start or what? The secret area fades in it iirc (at least it does in trunk, not sure about 0.3.0) --AnMaster 18:04, 21 January 2007 (UTC)
    AnMaster, i think it was about the building, like, from the outside you don't see what is inside, but when you fall into the hole in ceiling the from tilemap fades and you see what's inside. Got it?
  • More options: Especially being able to switch between the old and new behavior for running with the action key pressed.
Problem: You have to test all the options. Every time you change anything. Does it work with ALL combinations? PITA.
  • Let falling objects press buttons - for example, burn some burnable blocks to make a rock fall on a button

2-player mode

  • How about 2 player support.Maybe the FreeBSD demon ( or another penguin for player 2.
    There's already a project that tries to add a Multiplayer mode.


Bubble - float and pop in air


  • This comment (src/player.cpp:493) kind of confused me:

// TODO: we don't have an animation for firetux backflipping, so let's revert to bigtux

    • There *is* a graphic for that. Also, it's been closed as "intended behavior" on the Bugs page that firetux loses his hat when backflipping, I don't think it should be. (Losing powerups for no good reason is annoying)

3D Tux

I think that Supertux would be even cooler in 3D. It could be partially implemented, for example, there could be substages in 3D, or a 3D world later on? Or maybe it would more appropriate in a future spin off game?

  • Are you thinking of, or something more like the 2.5D New Super Mario which uses 3D sprites in a 2D world. --Tuxdev 22:51, 3 Oct 2006 (CEST)
    • Like XTux? I don't think 2.5D would work with a completely 2D sidescroller like SuperTux. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 02:19, 10 Oct 2006 (CEST)
      • No, he means like New Super Mario Bros or Super Smash Bros Melee, where the game is 2D side-scrolling but the graphics are 3D. (I mean tuxdev meant that, not the OP) 02:12, 11 Oct 2006 (CEST)
  • 2.5D approach is cool, maybe the game could be played mostly in 2.5D , and the bosses in 3D like Just throwing around ideas.-- 06:54, 4 Oct 2006 (CEST)
  • Maybe leave the game itself how it is, and have 3D cutscenes?
    • It's a good idea. Leave the game how it is, only change the cutscenes. DirtY iCE 10:54, 5 Nov 2006 (CET)
  • This idea may seem a bit wacky, but tux could fall into a hidden hole where he gets virtualized and has to fight virtual enemies in a virtual 3D landscape for a few levels then he has to go through a portal in the last 3D level to take him back to 2D. The only problem is the huge amount of code and graphics that would be required, thus resulting in a huge package size. Perhaps this could be an addon for a new bonus world?
  • Something similar to the original Jazz Jackrabbit style bonus stages perhaps? (For the uninitiated, picking up a large hidden gem in certain stages in JJ would take you to a 3D bonus stage on completion of the level, in which you would navigate a maze to collect a certain number of gems to win an extra life). Not entirely sure of the best way to set this out, certainly don't want to directly copy off JJ, just throwing the idea out there.


Any bad guy pirate with a sword also be fun to the milestone 2.
foudre: yer idea be seconded

Collect coins by shooting

It should be possible to collect coins by shooting at them with the fire flower powerup. AFAIR, you can do this in Super Mario games. -- 01:24, 9 Dec 2006 (CET)

  • No, but maybe get coins for killing badguys?
  • Why we turn that not arround and Tux have to pay coins for ever fireboll?

Pay for restart at reset point, not for dying

This has been proposed as Issue 141. It would mean that Tux doesn't have to pay 25 coins as a penalty for dying. Instead he buys the ability to restart at a reset point. In practice, it would mean that Tux doesn't have to pay when he hasn't activated a reset point yet. It would make the cost seem less like a penalty and more like a trade-off. (Plus, restarting from the beginning is always possible from the worldmap.)


Maybe Tux Could ride a seal like mario rides yoshi! that would be fun.

More Ideas from User:Penguin

Some Tile Ideas

Different Shades of Water

Light Water This is easy to see through and should be used in shallow areas (less than 25 spaces deep).

Medium Water This is darker and a bit harder to see through; it should be used in deeper areas (25-50 spaces deep).

Dark Water This is nearly black, hard to see through, and suitable for the bottoms of very deep pits and trenches (50-100 spaces deep).

SuperDark Water This water is jet-black; you can hardly see Tux, and so it is suitable for the deepest oceans and trenches (100+ spaces deep).

  • This idea reminds me of one level in the original Jazz Jackrabbit. They implemented it by lowering the ambient brightness the further down Jazz swam, but they had a bunch of glow in the dark bits on plants and enemies so you could still see where to go (except the secrets they hid, no glowing bits there).

Decoration Tiles for Water

Kelp There are two kinds; the darker immobilizes Tux for 5 seconds, while the lighter is just decorative.

  • Have to be careful with this, 5 seconds is a looooooooooooooooong time to be immobilised, and becomes extremely frustrating to players in situations where it is possible to become immobilised very shortly after regaining movement. It's enough to make me personally put a game down and stop playing it for good.
  • Fine,2 seconds.

Black Smokers These should be used in Dark and SuperDark water areas. There are two kinds again: one with light smoke and no light coming from its top, and the other with dark smoke and an angry red glow illuminating it.

Logs These logs are ordinary logs which Tux can jump on.

Deco Fish 1 These are small, brightly colored fish that just float around in the same place all the time.

Powerup Ideas

Laser Flower This would be a powerup looking like a fireflower, except that it glows green. When Tux gets this powerup, if the Action button is pressed, a glowing green laser shoots out of Tux's beak and rebounds 3 times before disappearing, killing all badguys that can be killed with fire shot. The laser should be about as slow as Tux's walking speed.

Stylus control

Why couldn’t one control Tux with stylus? By dragging right Tux would move right and after certain point would change to ctrl-mode.

The height relative to the middle of the screen would determine whether Tux should duck or jump or just move.

Picking things up with tapping the screen once?

Just some thoughts. We should not let the lack of keyboard restrict us.

Better levels

The levels in Milestone 1 were ok but in Milestone 2 there are too hard ... :( They may be the same, but Milestone 2 has got a worse control than Milestone 1. -- 18:17, 8 April 2007 (UTC)

Hey, for some of us, harder is better! I thought the Mi1 levels were too easy. --DJ WingsFreesyle here: N0 PH33R 19:30, 8 April 2007 (UTC)
  • I think the levesl are ok but maybe a adjustable grade would help
  • For example more/less savepoints, firetux directly becomes little when it's hit

Ice breaking

There are ice tiles or ice ground that can be walked on. They can also be jumped on without break. But if Tux does the "buttjump" then it breaks the tile/ground. Perhaps this can be used to reach other areas or enter secret places.


There can be geisers on levels. That blow up water. Tux can stand on this stream to reach high places which are too high for him to jump upon. Could also be wind or something.

There is wind already.
Oh, wind is good, I've never seen wind in Supertux yet though. --smallfoot


There are teleporters or some magic force fields that work as teleportation means on the level. When Tux walks into the teleporter he gets teleported to somewhere else.

Yes, doors are good. But maybe have other stuff too like teleporter, magic force field, hole, cave or something. --smallfoot
Can be done already. A door with another sprite or a script trigger. --WolfgangB 19:47, 7 Sep 2006 (BST)


Tux can dive in water. Perhaps he need go up to surface to get more air sometimes (limited time underwater). Movement under water is slower than on land. Perhaps there are monsters under water such as sharks, pirayas, "the dopefish" and perhaps even some kind of boss. Can be a underwater tunnel, world, level, cave or something. Maybe need pull a switch/lever under water or do something there to open something on the surface.

Time limit sucks.
Uhm.. since when a penguin is faster on land than on water?
All the blocks he ran his head in have to have some effect.
Ok, I know the game is already unrealistic but there are still things that don't need to be forced. Why should Tux swim slower? its because Super Mario swims slower? Super Tux is another game and I think it has the right to break some non-existent rules on platform games. Been a penguin I think at least Tux should have the same speed than on land (though with different acceleration and physics), the underwater enemies could be faster too. I find many platform games too slow when they go underwater.
Yes, he could also be faster. But there should be a difference in movement under water and on land. Such as different acceleration or physics. -smallfoot
How 'bout make him actually look like he's swimming: - instead of |.

see Swimming --WolfgangB 19:48, 7 Sep 2006 (BST)

Doors / Bridges

Tux needs to enter doors or open bridges to pass to some place. In order todo that, he needs to todo something first. Such as get a key, or pull/push a lever or a switch. Or perhaps place an item (such as an stone or something) on a switch.

Can be done with scripting.
Good, but I have never seen this implemented in SuperTux yet. The game needs this type of stuff to be dynamic and fun and entertaining. --smallfoot
It has been added to SVN. (needs to be moves to Implemented).

Rollable/pushable stones

These stones can be pushable so they start rolling.

  1. Can be pushed to roll over enemies so they die.
  2. Can be pushed to places and then jumped upon to jump from the stone to reach higher places which are otherwise unreachable.
  3. Can be pushed onto a switch to trigger the switch to trigger something, such as opening/unlocking a door/bridge, etc.


Pushable crates

Kind of similar to the above mentioned "rollable/pushable stone". But these can only be pushed and not rolled. Can not harm enemies. Unlock stones, these has the ability to be stacked on top of each other.

Catching background story

SuperTux needs a catching background story that inspires and motivates the player and drags him into the story so that he understands why Tux is doing what he does and why it is important.

"The bad guy took the penguins girlfriend, go save her from him!" or "Nolok stole Penny from Tux, you must save her!" doesn't cut it.

It needs be passionate and inspiring like:

"The evil Nolok kidnapped Tux beloved girlfriend Penny. Tux was worried he would never see her again, he was scared and upset but knew he would do anything to get his true love back!".

The player shouldn't just play level, complete level, go next level, in an infinitive loop until the end. As the player plays the game, he should learn more. When Nolok kidnapped Penny, Tux was shocked and confused. He perhaps don't need where Nolok is hiding or where Nolok has taken Penny, this information he can learn on the way. And maybe he learns about other bad stuff that Nolok has done to other people.

Some games have a story that is more interesting than the game itself. Some games you play just because you are so into the story and really needs to know more about it. Kinda like when you started to read a book, you cant put it away. Of when you started watch a movie, it get so exciting you cant switch away channel. :)


There should be NPC's (Non-Player Characters) which can interact with Tux. These can provide Tux with information of where to go, or where to find something, or what todo, how to accomplish something, guide Tux in something, teach/learn Tux something. They should have different personalities and different roles. Maybe they can bless Tux and grant him the powers of invulnerability or ice flower or fire flower or make him big if he is small (or perhaps make him small if there are no monsters, and he is too big to enter something). They can also give him keys or other items. Perhaps some NPC does this freely, while other require him to trade an item (perhaps a fruit?), or make a promise, or provide some info to the NPC or answer a question or take some kind of test.

Breakable walls

Walls that can be broken (in one way or another) in order for Tux to enter into that area. Could be a area which are necessary to be visited or could just be a secret place. A similar concept exists in the game Sonic the Hedgehog where Sonic can break walls by rolling into them.

Who the [censored] is sonic? There are weak blocks.

Dynamic environment

Perhaps a dynamic environment would be cool where the level reacts/interacts with Tux. Example; in forest levels there are trees, and in the trees there are eyes or holes in the tree with eyes in and the eyes are watching in the direction Tux is.

Alternative character

A playable alternative character, maybe a secret character that can only be played by using a cheat code or unlocking the char by winning something of doing some impressive feet.

He is quite the opposite of Tux with a complete different personality, instead of a cute little hero, this guy is an antihero (like Spawn or Batman), hes eye glows green or something, he puts everything in its path on fire and make the level a living inferno, hes very fast, strong, malicious, fearful and aggressive. Annihilating anything in his path, leaving only a trail of destruction behind. Maybe he could be a sorcerer and have vast powers of magic, maybe a spell wand. A real badass that roars like a tiger, arrr!

  • In Sonic games, player can play Tales, Amy, Shadow, etc...
  • In Mario games there are many different Yoshi's, and mushroom, princess, Luigi, Wario, etc...

Playing a cute little dragon would be cool too! :D

In the sea

In SVN version, you can travel with boat across the seas. Maybe there could be;

  • An iceberg or something.
  • A whirlpool / maelstrom.
  • A sea monster like a sea snake, or Nessie or a hydra with many heads.
    • Sounds like a boss for a non-existent (as of now :-) water world.

Broken boat

The boat that goes from ice land to forrest land should be broken, and before Tux can use it, he must fix it somehow, by obtaining some tools like a hammer, saw, sail or something. This would create a new sub-objective in the game, which would make the game more interesting. -- smallfoot

Anti-lanterns and Glass Walls

Glass wall

Now, light permeates through walls. It shouldn't, although I don't know whether it can be done. Then there should be a Glass Block, which would be permeable.


Another idea, surely easier to implement, are Anti-lanterns. They should produce normal lightmap sprites (with positive colors) but their real lightcolor would be negative. This could be simply a feture of Lantern. In Latern::updateColor, instead of:


there would be:

   sprite->set_color(-lightcolor); //Now it's an Anti-lantern
      //At least one component is negative but not every one because it was the first case
      //Error - it is neither a Lantern, neither an Anti-latnern

As an Anti-lantern would seem to be a normal lantern, it should be marked somehow, possibly with a minus on its top.

Tux could use it when there was an inaccessable Lantern and a Magicblock standing in his way.

--Špule 06:02, 3 July 2007 (UTC)