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Pre/Post story movie

Instead of showing scrolling text, movies can be shown stating Penny's kidnap... and at-last the re-union. Wouldn't that be nice?

I still remember the old SuperTux intro with Penny being kidnapped by the helicopter... as far as I know, cutscene support is on the ToDo list, and I guess it will be used for the story intro. --Ravu 14:30, 7 Apr 2005 (BST)
I think in the story was: "A creature jumped from behind an ice bush, Tux..." ;-)- penma -

Now we have the demos feature in SVN, and it shouldn't be too hard to make a 'movie' level for showing a demo mid-story. --Ajdlinux 23:20, 30 Sep 2005 (BST)

Add a gamepad configuration

It's currently possible to use a gamepad, but the setup must be done by manually editing the SuperTux configuration file.

This has been improved in the development version. supertux now uses all available joysticks and allows to configure the actions for the different joystick buttons.

More starting points

Some levels are very hard in the middle and in the ending. Is there a way to make more starting points? So you haven't to start everytime at beginnig of the level. Sometimes I need ten and more trials to cope a situation. It will be very usefull. Thanks for the good game! Martin (pmw(at)web(dot)de)

Reset points are also being planned. ~~Ravu 17:28, 8 May 2005 (BST)

perhaps it should be possible to see that you are passing a resetpoint!

Restart points exist in the SVN version, they are marked by butterfly.

New tiles for the worldmap

I already designed some additional worldmap objects for Supertux 0.1.2, e.g. paths through the forest or something like "water ways". Maybe im MS 2 some kind of swimming tux in worldmap could be possible, or walking over a bridge. (For my current solution I only added something to my antarctica.stwt.) - penma -

In svn: bridges, boats

One-way platforms

(An idea from Stephen2985, taken from the Supertux-devel archives)

I would recommend platforms that could be jumped through from the bottom but you can't fall through them if you are on top. SSB has this, as well as many mario and platforming game. This allows for Points of No Return, and would make the game capable of better and less redundant level design

In svn: unisolid tiles

Better rewards

(An idea from Stephen2985, taken from [ the Supertux-devel archives])

A more fitting reward should be accomplished for collecting coins. Yoshi's Island had red coins, Super Mario Sunshine had Extra Shines, etc.

In svn: 25 coins let Tux respawn from the latest firefly
  • Maybe teleports (or something) that cost a certain number of coins to get through?
  • How about the shops on Super Mario 3? they were really a good idea.. I dont understand why they dropped it for Super Mario World -- 21:16, 11 Aug 2006 (BST)
Supertux might be inspired Super Mario. (Basicly because Mario did almost everything you can do in a sidescroller) But that does not mean we have to clone everything Mario ever did.
However, shops are not so tipical in Super Mario games and appear in many other games, it is a coherent use for coins. There are a lot of things from Super Mario not strictly necesary for Super Tux that were mentioned here without complain (Yoshi-like NPC, the BowserKoopa-clonic final boss and even the kidnapping storyline)


  • Pulling levers - activate/deactivate/open/close things. Added in SVN today thanks to me (mmiikkee12) :-) (they're called switches but they're more like levers)
  • Standing on switches - activate/open things.
    • In svn (not sure what revision) - just put a script trigger over the platform
  • Wind - make it difficult for Tux to move, push him back, and push him much back if he jump.
    • In svn (since r3640). --AnMaster 11:08, 30 Jun 2006 (BST)
  • Ice pick - to crush blocking ice in order to enter closed areas.
    • In svn (since 3468): Straw Blocks that can be destroyed with fire shot
  • Falling bridge - when walk on it, it fall apart, so cant go back and must hurry.
    • In svn (since 2296): Blocks that crumble when Tux steps on them


Choose Audio output

In options menu let player choose a sound output like OSS, aRts and so on.

It isn't a good idea for SuperTux to be playing with this. If you need to change sound drivers, use the SDL environments variables: [1].
The right place to change those settings would probally in a launcher application that starts before SuperTux itself and allows setting of sound driver, video resolution and other stuff, its a very common thing in Windows and might be a good idea under Linux as well, especially since those SDL environment variables are not exactly easy to find. -- Grumbel 07:47, 1 Aug 2006 (BST)


Central Storyline

I believe the game really needs a storyline that makes the game not just about the arcade, but involves a greater plot. There should be a cutscene for just about every level and specific objectives (like you need to find a certain key or something before completing the level) Almost every level should have a cutscene that further adds to the plot. I also like the NPC idea because that can also drive the the plot. An idea for a storyline is detailing how Tux and Penny met and maybe add other characters that touch Tux's life (family, old flames, etc.)

An extro - I imagine like this...

I think an idea for later versions was if there was the possibility of doing some adventures with Penny, e.g. exploring some parts of the world. But it's not necessary - only a funny feature.

We're thinking about telling parts of the story from Penny's point of view. --Wansti
Penny is captured by Nolok and locked into cage in his castle so she cant move, so therefor you cant tell view story from her PoV because she cant do anything because shes imprisoned! -- smallfoot
Well, the first part of the story would be Penny escaping. The idea is that she would escape from the cage and you would play her escape. However, Tux wouldn't know about the escape and would continue on his adventures. You can take it to anywhere from there - Sik0fewl 04:18, 22 Mar 2006 (CET)

MS2 Preview

Milestone 2 is awaited for some time now. Why not set a deadline and release a preview version afterwards, no mattere how complete it is at that time? It hurts to see people wasting their time to create levels for MS1 which will never make it to MS2 becaues the MS1 editor does not use the new features.

Scuba Gear?

Give Tux a scuba tank for the inflated+Flying mode? He flies until out of breath, then falls. Once on ground, he can take another puff. The physics wouldn't work in the real world, but it should be passable in a game, eh? When he gets hit, drop the tank off the bottom of the screen much like a MrSnowball hit with a fireball?

Darker background

(An idea from Stephen2985, taken from the Supertux-devel archives])

Have the game engine display background as 75% brightness, making some levels easier to play, and making cave backround easier to see. Although this would cause conflicts with some other level designs, it would benefit gameplay in the future. The background (the 3rd level that doesn't affect gameplay) would be darker than the playable portion. (like in Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3]) At least make a tileset of a darker color reserved for this reason. Otherwise it might be hard to figure out what is background and what is an obstacle.

  • Even gooder idea - Make it adjustable. Make the player able to adjust the brightness of the background, or every tileset, of blocks and such. Transparency would be a great bonus too. Although one of the suggested changes for milestone two is making the foreground transparent where Tux is, I think this would take some potential level gameplay possibilities away. Transparency around Tux, if implemented, should probably be adjustable. Hopefully in a 'layer' section of preferences.
The transparency and lightmap of a level is a part of level design and therefore really shouldn't be messed with by "normal" players. Changing either of those things would potentially have drastic impact on the playability of a level, either making it easier or harder than originally intended, as well as possibly lose certain atmosphere aspects e.g. bright snowiness, deep dark forest, foreboding castle, etc. Tuxdev 03:41, 22 Aug 2006 (BST)
Eh... you may have misinterpreted me. I was referring to the possibility of adjustment of tileset color or brightness or opacity by level devs for each specific .stl, not by players. It's something that could make for some nifty levels, or at least more aesthetically appealing ones (depending on how it's used.)--teal 22:23, 22 Aug 2006 (BST)

Background Tileset

after reading grumbel's rant a tileset for forest paralx background is missing. Standard forest tiles are too big.

Some more badguys

Here're three new suggestions for badguys in the forest world:

Biella mrlog limpy.jpg


  • Quick, flying creature, continuously following Tux.
  • Could shoot stingers.

Mr Log

(I designed Mr Log before I read about WalkingTotem. Looks like I'm not the first one who gave some thought to stackable logs...)

  • Slow creature without any special abilities.
  • Maybe "stackable", similar to the cactuses in SMW: Up to four "Mr Log" could be combined to serve as a high barrier, only destroyable from above (or with FireTux).


  • Another slow creature, which is able to adhere to any surface. When reaching the end of a platform, it doesn't fall down, but continues to crawl downwards, upwards, or even underneath.

Some sounds

COuld it be possible that Tux makes some sounds when we comes on the ground? e.g. on snow he makeds somewhat like "tsh, tsh tsh" and on grass (forest tiles) he is rushling? (You see, I have some problems translating written sounds from German to English :( )I hope you can imagine what I think.

Friendly NPCs(non-player characters)

Perhaps there could be friendly(or at least non-hostile) beings in the world. I would prefer implementation in milestone 3 or longer so as to not put another thing for the developers to do. A yoshi equivelent(seal?) would be neat but may be an entirely different game altogether. Some other ideas: a character who gives tux a quest in exchange for a key, hint for a puzzle etc., a charater who fights with tux for a little while to achieve something against nolok, a character teaches tux certain abilities. -F50

This would be good. Make a 'talking' system that scrolls on the bottom. Maybe some characters could give you extra supplies or even weapons. --Ajdlinux 23:23, 30 Sep 2005 (BST)

  • Maybe modify the code for info boxes to let characters talk? Sounds good. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 18:27, 11 Jul 2006 (BST)
Text is evil. The player has to be able to read and understand the language which is a requirement that was not there in MS1. --WolfgangB 14:21, 12 Jul 2006 (BST)

I think that the Yoshi equivelent, if used, could better be a Polar Bear in stead of a Seal. A Polar Bear can walk a lot faster on land than a Seal.Tuxenegger 17:35, 20 January 2006

Perhaps Tux could ride a Gnu? -kcfelix

Badguys and Immunity

I suggest that very few badguys have complete Immunity to FireTux or IceTux. For example, instead of no effect, have Mr. IceBlock get extra-ice stopping him in his tracks and making him take more jumps to kill in this state. Eventually (If Tux doesn't kill him first) the ice will melt and Mr. IceBlock will go back to normal. The same with the other badguys. I think there should also be a downside for the badguy in all cases. -F50

Stage Variety

One thing that SuperTux is missing that Mario had would be stage variety. There are already above and underground stages, but where's the underwater action? Not to mention things like castle stages, stages with rising/falling water, vertically scrolling stages, those really annoying maze stages, autoscrolling stages, et cetera. Not to mention different locales, but I gather that those are already in the works. I refer specifically to some sort of forest. (And, might I add, picturing a penguin in a forest is pretty amusing.)

Female Players

For the female players: You can play Penny and will have to rescue Tux.

No that would be unrealistic. Everybody know that Tux is a strong superhero and that Nolok or anyone could never ever kidnap him and that even if they managed to, then Penny could do nothing besides crying and going him and eating until she get fat or suicide!
Yeah, right... As you can read in several other places on the wiki, Penny will be a playable character in Milestone 3.

Level Start

Enter level with jump button.

Collecting Stuff

I think what makes some games really enjoyable is the possibility of collecting things. One (maybe totally crazy) idea: if Tux could spit bubbles, he probably could catch enemies and carry them to a specific place, like a museum, which is located on the world map. For completing the collection with all badguys of the current world, Tux would get a reward.

Rotating bridge

Create a rotating bridge, like in Mario.



Tux wears a little party hat when you type "tux rocks". When you type "iddqd", tux shakes his head. When you type the name of a specific badguy, Tux looks like that badguy.


smallfoot made a page, see Smallfoot's ideas.

Are they so bad that they need a seperate page?

Worlds, scenarios, levels

  • Water world
  • Cave
  • Lava world
  • Forrest
  • Ice world
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Space
  • Sky/cloud world?
  • Dark level where is night!
  • Levels where Tux has to go up rather than forward -- He could be climbing a mountain or a really tall tree.
  • Geeky computer/circuit board world - "Tux decided that the only way to get Penny back would be to hack into Nolok's computer..." well, worth a try.
No. Not another so called "geek game". Kill evil Bill G. won't work with the existin storyline. -- 21:26, 23 Jul 2006 (BST)
Someone suggested this on the mailing list, and Marek came up with a concept: An easter egg that makes Nolok look like Bill or Steve (Ballmer, not Jobs). I figure it's at least worth a try, but a comlete storyline revision would be imprudent in keeping with this game's general philosophy to be a Mario homage, only. If you want to frag Gates, go play XTux.--DJ WingsFreesyle here 03:08, 28 Jul 2006 (BST)


  • Diving - in water?
  • Flying - in air?
  • Hang glider to fly!
  • Low gravity - extra high jumps, slow fall down
  • Walk on water - but only if the water isn't deep
  • Slippery surfaces - like a slippery ice where can glide and difficult control Tux.
  • Bounce pad, thing or something that when Tux jump on it, he bounce up and jumps really high! :D
  • Pushable crates - you push the crate to another place where you need it to jump on it so you can reach higher or something.
  • Pushable/rollable stone - you roll it over enemies so they die, and can roll it to place so you jump up on it to reach higher.
  • Moving script triggers - for example, have a cloud of smoke flying around and if it touches Tux it puts him to sleep for a few seconds.
  • Swim in water like Mario a penguin.
    • Grubmel's grumbling about this already, and it seems justified. See "Grumbel's Grumbles".


Bubble - float and pop in air