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User ideas/Rejected

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Rejected User Ideas

Vector (SVG) Graphics

Some bits from the mailing list discussion:

  • SVG only knows about plain lines, filled polygons and a handfull of fill-patterns, it doesn't know anything about smooth brushes or smudge lines, but without them you will never get away from this vectorish look.
  • for artists, SVG tools are also immature, especially Linux ones.
  • If you want to think of a good way to slow down our development cycle, making a transition to SVG is a good way of accomplishing that :P Not only that, but I've recently been working quite a bit with SVG for a project I got hired in. It takes a hell of a lot longer than making sprites does, and on top of that, the hand drawn feel of the game will be completely lost.

Also note that you can scale up supertux with the -g WIDTHxHEIGHT switch!

Choose Audio output

In options menu let player choose a sound output like OSS, aRts and so on.

It isn't a good idea for SuperTux to be playing with this. If you need to change sound drivers, use the SDL environments variables:
The right place to change those settings would probally in a launcher application that starts before SuperTux itself and allows setting of sound driver, video resolution and other stuff, its a very common thing in Windows and might be a good idea under Linux as well, especially since those SDL environment variables are not exactly easy to find. -- Grumbel 07:47, 1 Aug 2006 (BST)

Nazi Gnome

  • There should be in the game a Gnome dressed as a Nazi.
  • The gnome should be fast, always jumping around , chase tux and not just be part of the scenario.
Jawohl! Very gut idea. Make sure to add enough swastikas so ve can also get de "Banned in Germany" rating to boost de sales.
Yep, I don't see how this could possibly fit into the game theme.
Please no Hilter allusions. The badguys are not that bad. Same goes for Stalin, Bush or Mao. Don't even think about Saddam.
I agree, bad idea.
I agree,too no way!
good joke! no way!