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| Squish=yes
| Squish=yes
| Buttjump=yes
| Buttjump=yes
| Freeze=unknown
| Freeze=no
| Burnable=yes
| Burnable=yes
| FirstVersion=
| FirstVersion=

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Removed in Milestone 2.png

Marked for removal
This design, feature or badguy has been or will be removed from the Milestone 2 branch of the SVN repository. The most likely reason for this is that it is not part of any of the design documents. It may be reintroduced later, but possibly in a different manner. Don't use it!

Walking leaf
Image of Walking leaf
Found in: Forest
Appearance: Reddish version of Poison Ivy.
Behaviour: Walks around. Stays on platforms.
Squishable: yes
Burnable: yes
Butt-Jumpable: yes
Freezable: no

Walking Leaf is a badguy in the Forest world. It is a bit smarter than the ordinary badguy because it does not fall off of platforms. The leaf will hurt Tux on contact and can be killed the usual ways. Since it is more careful, it is walks a bit slower than the average badguy.

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