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== Design considerations ==
== Design considerations ==
[[Image:Totem.jpg|right|Walking Totem]]
[[Image:Totem.jpg|right|Walking Totem]]

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Milestone 3
This design, feature or badguy will not be included in Milestone 2 but has been pushed to Milestone 3. If this feature is already present in the SVN repository, it will be removed. It may be reintroduced later, but possibly in a different manner. Don't use it!

Walking totem
Image of Walking totem
Found in: none yet
Appearance: A walking totem.
Behaviour: Walks around. Falls down from all cliffs.
Squishable: yes
Burnable: yes
Butt-Jumpable: yes
Freezable: no
Status: future
This badguy has been removed from the Milestone 2 branch in revision 6280.

Walking totem is a badguy that's not widely used. It may be used in Forest levels in the future, though.

There is some “stacking” and “carrying” code in the SVN repository, which is probably a preparation for the functionality described below. Currently, only one segment is implemented – layered totems squish the ones below them.

Design considerations

The following article or section constitutes a proposed idea or a list of proposed ideas.

It is to be seen as more of a community discussion than encyclopedic content. The content may or may not be implemented. Feel free to add your own ideas or comment on existing ones.

Walking Totem

Walking Totem Poles could be especially interesting, as they generally have many faces... Perhaps as Tux jumps on them it breaks apart into smaller totems each with a different face.

This or a big Walking Tree could be used as a Boss.

Behaviour: Walks, might spit electricity or fire

Look: A multifaced Totem Pole

Hurt Tux: spitting, run over Tux

Hurt it: jump at it to break into smaller Totems which can be jumped on or spat at.

Walking tree


  • It could be interesting to have the Walking Totem only loose its topmost face when Tux jumps on it
  • Yeah, and it would be even better if Tux has to butt-jump.
  • that would be very hard!
  • the walking tree looks so good, better than a coming-from-nowhere totem!
  • The Walking Totem looses only its topmost face when Tux jumps NORMAL on it, and it looses more faces when Tux butt-jump on it
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