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(The keys)
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==The keys==
The 5 keys include this:
*A Silver key. (found behind a waterfall)
*A Golden key. (found in some dense trees)
*A Brass key. (found in water)
*A Bronze key. (found in a special hidden box)
*A Big Iron key. (possibly guarded by a mini-/boss)
Some kind of twinkle noise might be appropriate when he finds each one.

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New Engine Features

  • Falling Leaves particle system
  • rising lava/water
  • moving platforms (branches that move a bit up and down, or logs falling down a waterfall)
  • support for cutscenes (done in a lisp file) in a level
  • sound triggers in some areas (cuckoo or woodpecker sound in some part of the level)
  • sound triggers when touching objects (ripple sound when walking on a steam)
  • Rocks that you can carry around to reach higher places
  • A bug enemy (or several sorts of bugs?)
  • An ant enemy
  • A branch enemy (a branch of a big tree that tries to beat tux, or simply moves up/down)
  • uneven tiles so you can have some small hills
  • Multiple sectors (ie. you can enter tree by walking into some holes)
  • (We might experiment with some shadow effects that you get with moving branches?)
  • bouncy branch, a branch that makes you bounce very high into the air.

Concept art

Snow forest sm.png Castledoor small.png