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World 2

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The second world is going to be in a forest. The name of the world is still undecided.



Brainstorming of forest things...

  • big trees, bushes, mushrooms, moss
  • birds like cuckoo, woodpecker, owl, crows, "normal birds" (either in background with sound or as enemy...)
  • smaller streams and waterfalls
  • rocks here and there
  • falling leaves
  • crawling enemies (bugs, ants, ant-hills, spiders)
  • tree house
  • deers, elks
  • glades with faeries


The map that Tux found leads him to a big dark and a little icy forest. Tux follows the path to the castle only to find that it is locked. So he needs to collect\find the 5 keys to open the castle door. These keys are scattered across the forest. Once he has got them he can enter the castle only to find that he just misses nolok who has set off on his helicopter to the next world. However nolok didn't miss to command the {insert boss here} to take on tux.

Note about worldmap: The worldmap should have the castle level at the very beginning, with a little maze of ways into the forest where you have to find the 5 keys.

or you reach the castle at the end where you see noloks hlper doing something to the door then running of with keys. Some new level areas open on the world map but some keys may have been hidden on levels you have already done.

Forest World End story

Tux entered the Great Hall of Nolok's forest castle. He heard above him the noise of an engine, so Tux ran quickly upstairs to find that he was too late. Nolok had taken Penny into a helicopter which was now high in the air and dissapearing into the distance and heading out to sea. Tux went sadly downstairs and found another note. "Tux, you are far braver than I thought, but next time you will not be able to find me or your beloved penny and give my regards to the (INSERT BOSS NAME HERE)."

Tux then remembered the map that Penny drew him, so Tux took the map out and was about to head off to Nolok's ocean fortress, when suddenly...

The keys

The 5 keys include this:

  • A Silver key. (found behind a waterfall)
  • A Golden key. (found in some dense trees)
  • A Brass key. (found in water)
  • A Bronze key. (found in a special hidden box)
  • A Big Iron key. (possibly guarded by a mini-/boss)

Some kind of twinkle noise might be appropriate when he finds each one.


need to be worked out more

New Engine Features

  • Falling Leaves particle system
  • rising lava/water
  • moving platforms (branches that move a bit up and down, or logs falling down a waterfall)
  • support for cutscenes (done in a lisp file) in a level
  • sound triggers in some areas (cuckoo or woodpecker sound in some part of the level)
  • sound triggers when touching objects (ripple sound when walking on a steam)
  • Rocks that you can carry around to reach higher places
  • A bug enemy (or several sorts of bugs?)
  • An ant enemy
  • A branch enemy (a branch of a big tree that tries to beat tux, or simply moves up/down)
  • uneven tiles so you can have some small hills
  • Multiple sectors (ie. you can enter tree by walking into some holes)
  • (We might experiment with some shadow effects that you get with moving branches?)
  • bouncy branch, a branch that makes you bounce very high into the air.


Badguys for the forest world can be found at the Badguys page.


  • Ideas might be an ant-queen or an eagle on the top of a tree.
  • Since the boss battle will be taken out in a ghost forest castle, a better suggestion might be a ghost that is connected to the forest theme by its appearance.

Concept art

Granito.png Totem.jpg Snow forest sm.png Castledoor small.png

Suggested world names for World 2

  • Forest of IceWood
  • Ageless Forest
  • Beech Forest
  • Cloud Forest
  • Dying Forest
  • Feather Forest
  • Fern Forest
  • Fiendish Forest
  • Forest of Nolok
  • Forest of (something)
  • Frond Forest
  • Frosty Forest
  • Magic Forest
  • Streaky Forest
  • Waldsterben
  • Grim Gully
  • Leaf Litter
  • Freaky Forest
  • Variegated Valley
  • Verdant Valley
  • Vile Valley
  • Tuxedo Timberlands
  • Woody Forest
  • Worm Wood
  • Windy Woodlands
  • Winter Woodlands
  • Impregnable Forest
  • Silvanives (forest + snow in Latin)