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The Yeti is the boss for Icyisland


As the first world is an Icyisland, a yeti as boss would match the thematics perfectly.

Here are some random links to get inspired for Yetis:

Concept art

Yeti concept.png
Yeti scan roughs.png Yeti concept throw.png


The Yeti stands on the hill on the right or left and does 1 of the following things

  • throwing snowballs at tux
  • shouting angrily and jumping up and down. This would have the effect that 2 or 3 of the stalactites on the top of the screen start shaking and fall down.
  • he jumps off the hill and runs towards the other side of the screen. This would be the moment where tux is able to hurt him by jumping on him.


After 3-5 hits the yeti should give up and the screen fade away. Maybe in a short sequence the Yeti could show tux a slide down his hill with a ramp at the end that would bring tux to the next world (animated in the worldmap screen).