src/scripting/squirrel_util.cpp File Reference

#include "scripting/squirrel_util.hpp"
#include <config.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <sqstdaux.h>
#include <sqstdblob.h>
#include <sqstdmath.h>
#include <sqstdstring.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "physfs/ifile_stream.hpp"
#include "supertux/console.hpp"
#include "util/log.hpp"

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namespace  scripting


static void scripting::printfunc (HSQUIRRELVM, const char *str,...)
void scripting::init_squirrel (bool enable_debugger)
void scripting::exit_squirrel ()
void scripting::update_debugger ()
std::string scripting::squirrel2string (HSQUIRRELVM v, SQInteger i)
void scripting::print_squirrel_stack (HSQUIRRELVM v)
SQInteger scripting::squirrel_read_char (SQUserPointer file)
void scripting::compile_script (HSQUIRRELVM vm, std::istream &in, const std::string &sourcename)
void scripting::compile_and_run (HSQUIRRELVM vm, std::istream &in, const std::string &sourcename)
HSQOBJECT scripting::create_thread (HSQUIRRELVM vm)
HSQOBJECT scripting::vm_to_object (HSQUIRRELVM vm)
HSQUIRRELVM scripting::object_to_vm (HSQOBJECT object)
void scripting::store_float (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name, float val)
void scripting::store_int (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name, int val)
void scripting::store_string (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name, const std::string &val)
void scripting::store_bool (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name, bool val)
bool scripting::has_float (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name)
bool scripting::has_int (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name)
bool scripting::has_string (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name)
bool scripting::has_bool (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name)
float scripting::read_float (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name)
int scripting::read_int (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name)
std::string scripting::read_string (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name)
bool scripting::read_bool (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name)
bool scripting::get_float (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name, float &val)
bool scripting::get_int (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name, int &val)
bool scripting::get_string (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name, std::string &val)
bool scripting::get_bool (HSQUIRRELVM vm, const char *name, bool &val)


HSQUIRRELVM scripting::global_vm = NULL

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